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In-depth | Justice

Kujtim Veseli’s killer sentenced to 25 years in prison

By - 12.10.2020

Verdict announced in case that showed institutional racism against minority communities.

Blogbox | Youth2020

Eid candies

By - 01.09.2020

Fighting inequality by raising a voice against it.

One-on-one | Justice

Lars-Gunnar Wigemark: The future is ultimately in the hands of the people

By - 18.08.2020

New EULEX head talks about the mission today, a new vision and colonialism.

Lately | Justice

Police officials sued for gender-based discrimination

By - 24.06.2020

Luljeta Aliu accuses Kosovo Police of violating her rights.

Blogbox | bosnia

Justice comes from squares, streets and citizens’ assemblies

By - 10.06.2020

Socioeconomic violence and justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In-depth | Media

“Anti-defamation” laws swim against democracy

By - 09.04.2020

The Albanian prime minister’s proposed laws continue their journey.

In-depth | Human Rights

Two years, no justice for deported Turkish teachers

By - 08.04.2020

Pandemic risk in Turkey’s prisons adds to families’ worries.

In-depth | Transparency

Kosovo’s controversial car insurance hikes

By - 31.03.2020

Transparency and legality of Central Bank’s decision questioned.

Lately | Justice

Landmark decision for transgender rights

By - 20.01.2020

Blert Morina exercises right to change name and sex marker.

In-depth | LGBTI

Activists challenge EU and MOJ on new Civil Code

By - 24.12.2019

Concerns raised that new legislation violates Constitution.

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