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The invaluable contribution of the ‘second shift’

By - 24.09.2020

Will the pandemic bring about change in the division of household tasks?

Blogbox | Youth2020

On the climate and other crises

By - 18.09.2020

How to begin saving the world starting with yourself.

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Critical thinking skills, critical in times of COVID-19

By - 09.09.2020

Lack of media literacy and critical thinking is an old problem in the new normal.

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An honest postcard from Croatia

By - 05.09.2020

Passports, earthquakes, culture and the future.

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Eid candies

By - 01.09.2020

Fighting inequality by raising a voice against it.

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A storm of thought in lockdown times

By - 25.08.2020

When time seems to have stalled in one place, contemplate the world from a corner.

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Connecting through complexities, producing grounded art

By - 13.08.2020

Leaving lockdown to experience growth and creativity.

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Kosovo’s frame of mind

By - 07.08.2020

Why youth are seeking a way out.

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YOUTH 2020

By - 26.07.2020

A penny for your thoughts.