Talking “Cultivation” — Brewing culture for the crowds

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  • We’ve just published our latest online monograph, and we want to talk about it with you, while sharing a little culture together!

    Join our Monograph Talk — followed by a night full of culture with DJ Matale — at 18:00 this Thursday, June 6, 2019, at Prishtina’s Kino Armata.

    As we began to think about this monograph edition, our attention was captured by the capacity of the arts and culture to attract and engage “the masses” — it ultimately became a common thread.

    So, in Cultivation”, we found ourselves exploring a variety of forms of artistic and cultural expression that we access, if not consume, in large, if not massive, numbers. Beyond the limitations of certain “artistic cults” or elites, these forms of expression have managed to go beyond the imaginary or physical walls of the exhibition room, and have become a medium to either expand, or to positively cultivate, an alternative narrative.

    While not always aiming to reach the masses, their nature has nevertheless put them in the public sphere, as accessible forms of expression. We’re speaking music, street art, films — and even language.

    Now the monograph is published and out there for all to experience, we want to use it as a starting point for a wider conversation. What do our cultural expressions say about our culture? What narratives do they reflect and establish? What are the circumstances that make them possible or impossible to exist?

    Join us for an open and participatory discussion, where we’ll talk about issues such as harnessing independent cultural creation, developing engaging cultural heritage experiences and the women shaking up the world of art.

    To get the conversation started, we’ll be joined by:

    1. Alban Muja — Visual artist
    2. Erëmirë Krasniqi — Executive director at Oral History Kosovo
    3. Fitore Berisha — Visual artist
    4. Visar Krusha — Director at ‘Dodona’ Theater, and dramaturg

    The discussion will be moderated by Arif Muharremi — Qendra Multimedia.

    And when the talking stops, the DJ starts…K

    This event is organized with the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo.

  • Chronicle and photographs from the event
  • On Thursday, June 6, 2019, at Kino Armata, Kosovo 2.0 hosted the discussion “Let’s talk about Cultivation — Brewing culture for the masses.”

    After the publication of the latest monograph, “Cultivation,” together with: Alban Muja — Visual artist, Erëmirë Krasniqi — Executive director at Oral History Kosovo, Fitore Berisha — Painter, Visar Krusha — Director at the “Dodona” Theater and dramaturgist, we talked about the culture that we consume. The discussion was moderated by Arif Muharremi from Qendra Multimedia.  The night was closed with music by DJ. Matale.K

    This event was organized with the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo.

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    6:00 pm


    Kino Armata