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In-short | Culture

#KosovoInUnesco — Hashtag or real will?

By - 23.01.2017

K2.0 organizes discussion on Kosovo's reapplication in UNESCO.

Perspectives | Culture

Conjuring the powers of art and culture

By - 26.12.2016

A summary of a year's work in culture: improving the image of Kosovo.

In-short | Culture

Turn Your Head (#KtheKryte) and gaze upon cultural heritage

By - 01.12.2016

New campaign tackles Kosovo’s railways.

Perspectives | Culture

To blend or not to blend? Albanian is ever-evolving

By - 20.10.2016

Albanian speakers face numerous problems with new words and expressions that will take time to be standardized.

Blogbox | Culture

Didarja – a missing story

By - 18.10.2016

New Albanian translation for book that challenges traditional approaches to history.

One-on-one | Culture

Venera Mustafa: You express yourself with what you wear

By - 13.10.2016

Fashion designer discusses art and fashion in Prishtina.

Blogbox | Culture

From Azem Galice to Shote Galica

By - 06.10.2016

A poem about love and legend.

Blogbox | Culture

Why do we read so few books?

By - 03.09.2016

Choosing a new book in a life shaped by reading.

In-depth | Culture

Prishtina’s ‘M’-erging space

By - 29.08.2016

Club 'M' making waves with diverse crowds.