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In-depth | Elections 2017 | Democracy

Nothing to vote for!

By - 08.06.2017

Meeting potential voters in disaffected Dukagjini region.

In-short | Elections 2017 | Democracy

Three cheers for peaceful Rambo!

By - 03.06.2017

More highlights from election season.

Perspectives | Elections 2017 | Democracy

The “female fund” is a farce for Kosovar politics

By - 03.06.2017

We must vote for women, not because they are women, but because of their political convictions that advance the position of women.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Democracy

Fears of a repeat of 2010

By - 01.06.2017

Lack of time and pre-election coalitions mean monitors are warning of misconduct on election day.

In-short | Elections 2017 | Democracy

“We are all the same shit”

By - 27.05.2017

The last seven days of election season.

Blogbox | Elections 2017 | Democracy

2007 vs 2017

By - 27.05.2017

A few things to consider before casting your vote.

Perspectives | Democracy

Kosovo politics is entering a Machiavellian era

By - 17.05.2017

New coalition between PDK, AAK and NISMA can only increase apathy among the electorate.

Perspectives | Democracy

‘Copy paste’ Independence Day

By - 16.02.2017

As Kosovo marks another Independence Day, it has many familiar problems — but it can start to move beyond them if citizens are placed at the heart of the country’s democracy.

Blogbox | Democracy

Moving past the U.S. election numbness

By - 14.11.2016

For many Americans, Donald Trump's victory comes with a cry for action.

Perspectives | Democracy

The Republic has plenty of detractors, now it needs friends

By - 04.10.2016

There is no shortage of people harming Kosovo, but its defenders need to stand up.

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