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What has the Kosovo Assembly done so far?

By - 04.09.2018

K2.0 looks at this mandate to date and deputies’ homework ahead.

The Assembly of Kosovo is getting back to work in an extraordinary manner. Since the beginning of the current mandate in September 2017, questions have been raised about the absence of deputies in sessions, and a lack of deep discussion on crucial issues.

Which laws are still awaiting review? Who leads the ranking of most absent deputies? Which commission has invested most hours into its work and yet has only produced one single draft law? How many laws lay ahead on the agenda for deputies after the summer break?

K2.0 looks into the work produced by the 120 deputies sitting at the legislative venue of the state to see what has been done, and what lays ahead.


Research and script: Arian Lumezi

Script editor: Cristina Marí

Language editor: Jack Robinson

Narrator: Cristina Marí

Directed and edited by Matthieu Jouffre

Production: K2.0

For much more detail, visit the Assembly monitoring platform, Vota Ime, produced by the Kosovo Democratic Institute.