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Eraldin Fazliu is a former journalist at Kosovo 2.0. Eraldin completed his Master’s on ‘European Politics’ at the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic in 2014. Through his studies Eraldin became interested in the EU’s external policies, particularly in promotion of the rule of law externally. He is a passionate reader of politics and modern history.

Lately | Politics

Opposition alienated as ‘final phase’ of the dialogue continues

By - 13.07.2018

Lack of consensus and confusion over compromise in lead up to Brussels meeting.

In-depth | Politics

Where is Kosovo’s left?

By - 09.07.2018

A look into contemporary left wing political parties in Kosovo

Perspectives | Democracy

Thaçi puts dialogue over democracy

By - 22.06.2018

President’s leading role in ‘final’ phase will polarise Kosovar politics further.

Lately | Health

More debate over health care is good for the health of society

By - 14.06.2018

Kosovo 2.0 discusses the challenges the Kosovar health care system faces.

In-depth | Missing persons

Unidentified remains and prevailing pain

By - 06.06.2018

Identification process keeps wounds of relatives of the bereaved and the missing endlessly open.

In-depth | Justice

Dying without justice

By - 18.05.2018

Former workers of Ferizaj’s IMK Celiku factory yet to receive compensation.

One-on-one | EU

Florian Bieber: In some ways, the EU encourages regional autocrats

By - 21.04.2018

Leading academic on Western Balkans talks about constrained democracies, foreign influence and the potential for change.

Perspectives | EU

Another school report day

By - 18.04.2018

A satirical look at Kosovo’s latest EU Progress Report.

In-depth | Politics

Hashim Thaçi — (dis)unifying the people?

By - 07.04.2018

Two years into his mandate, Kosovo’s president is more divisive than ever.

One-on-one | Politics

Lumir Abdixhiku: “Politics is not the first or last stop [...]

By - 03.04.2018

LDK deputy speaks about the development of the party, the (im)possibilities of forming coalitions and right wing politics in Kosovo.

In-depth | Politics

Another ‘normalized’ day between Kosovo and Serbia

By , , - 27.03.2018

Đurić deportation causes yet another rift in relations.

Lately | Montenegro

Bitesize demarcation

By , , - 21.03.2018

Explore Kosovo’s hottest political issue in quotes and numbers.

One-on-one | Local Elections 2017

Mytaher Haskuka: We can achieve change faster when we are united

By - 26.02.2018

New Prizren mayor discusses the possibilities and challenges of governing Kosovo’s second city.

Perspectives | EU

Is Kosovo’s international love affair coming to an end?

By - 10.02.2018

Political reaction to this week’s EU enlargement strategy shows marked shift in tone.

In-depth | Politics

The nature of the dialogue

By - 01.02.2018

What are Kosovo’s talks with Serbia for?

Perspectives | Foreign Relations

Miloš Zeman’s election victory in Czech Republic could spell [...]

By - 30.01.2018

Stagnant Czech-Kosovar relations look set to continue.

In-depth | Politics

Who was Oliver Ivanovic?

By , - 16.01.2018

Serb leader shot dead in North Mitrovica.

In-depth | Politics

Political opposition’s year for recovery and repair

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s opposition parties shaping up?

In-depth | Politics

Government parties staring down challenging 2018

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s governing parties shaping up for new year?

Lately | Protests

Protests against an increase in energy prices

By - 20.12.2017

Organizers announce new protests will happen.

Perspectives | Politics

First 100 days show Haradinaj’s power is shackled

By - 18.12.2017

Premiership characterised by unfulfilled promises and haphazard spending.

In-depth | Media

A violent year for Kosovo’s journalists

By - 04.12.2017

More attacks and less freedom in 2017.

Perspectives | Whistleblowing

Kosovars need help to speak out

By - 28.11.2017

EULEX allegations raise the issue of whistleblowing.

Lately | Local Elections 2017

Runoff process challenged in Supreme Court

By - 24.11.2017

Legal move by Vetevendosje after recount decision in Prishtina and Prizren.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Agim Bahtiri vs. Valdete Idrizi

By - 17.11.2017

Businessman mayor of Mitrovica takes on former civil society member.

One-on-one | Politics

Cedomir Jovanovic: If we only take care of Kosovo Serbs, we [...]

By - 16.11.2017

Serbian opposition deputy talks of supporting Kosovo’s independence, liberal politics, and Russian meddling.

In-depth | Politics

Voices in the new Prishtina Assembly

By - 09.11.2017

Freshly elected deputies from Vetevendosje, LDK, PDK and AKR talk to K2.0.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017

Lessons all round after mayoral elections

By - 25.10.2017

Kosovo’s main political parties all have reasons to reflect.

Lately | Local Elections 2017

Political shakeup in mayoral elections

By - 23.10.2017

Most major cities heading to second round.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

What choice for Kosovo’s Serbs?

By - 20.10.2017

Belgrade-backed Lista Srpska’s virtual monopoly.

Lately | Elections

Election promises: Fact check

By - 14.10.2017

A look into some of this week’s boldest claims.

Perspectives | Politics

“New phase” of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue raises more questions [...]

By - 12.10.2017

Uncertain future awaits while calls for unity fall on deaf ears.

One-on-one | Politics

Albin Kurti: “Politics is not the art of the possible. Politics [...]

By - 11.10.2017

Kosovo’s most voted deputy explains his ideas on policymaking and comments on recent developments in this election year.

Lately | Elections

Election promises: Fact check

By - 07.10.2017

A look into some of this week’s boldest claims.

Lately | Elections

Election promises: Fact check

By - 30.09.2017

A look into some of this week’s boldest claims.

Lately | Elections2017

Local Election campaigns kick off

By - 22.09.2017

A number of close contests set to take place across the country.

In-depth | Government

Ten days of Kosovo’s new government

By - 20.09.2017

Ramush Haradinaj’s tenure as prime minister begins.

One-on-one | Politics

Korab Sejdiu: “If we consider the long term, I believe AKR [...]

By - 13.09.2017

The newly independent deputy speaks about his reasons for leaving AKR and his future in politics.

Perspectives | Elections2017

Is Lista Srpska a trojan horse inside Kosovo’s statehood?

By - 13.09.2017

Kosovar government’s agenda in danger of being dictated from Belgrade

In-depth | Politics

Political crisis costs

By - 24.08.2017

Kosovo missing out during post-election delays.

Lately | Elections2017

PAN returns without nomination

By , - 24.08.2017

Assembly remains blocked as no president proposed.

Lately | Media

Attack on journalist widely condemned

By - 17.08.2017

Insajderi director beaten outside his apartment.

Lately | Elections2017

PAN keeps up Assembly boycott

By - 14.08.2017

Fifth attempt to elect Assembly president fails.

Lately | Elections2017

PAN continue to block Assembly

By , - 10.08.2017

Fourth failed attempt to elect Assembly speaker.

In-depth | Police

Dying on the roads

By - 10.08.2017

Demand for action as fatal accidents spike.

Lately | Elections2017

PAN absence blocks Assembly

By - 04.08.2017

Inaugural Assembly session postponed once again.

Lately | Elections2017

Inaugural Assembly session paused after confusion

By , - 03.08.2017

Chairman error leads to accidental break.

In-depth | Politics

First-time deputies

By - 31.07.2017

Meet some of the novices entering Kosovo’s Assembly.

Lately | Democracy

Elections: What happens next?

By , - 14.06.2017

All you need to know as political negotiations begin.

Perspectives | Democracy

We don’t yet know who will form Kosovo’s government, but [...]

By - 12.06.2017

Politicians from all parties should pay careful attention to yesterday’s shock results.

Perspectives | Democracy

Kosovo politics is entering a Machiavellian era

By - 17.05.2017

New coalition between PDK, AAK and NISMA can only increase apathy among the electorate.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

What’s happening with health insurance?

By - 03.05.2017

Premium collection set to begin despite lack of public information.

One-on-one | #IWantToKnow

Shpend Ahmeti: I want to be measured on the extent to which [...]

By - 30.04.2017

Prishtina’s mayor discusses his first term in office and looks to the future in this election year.

In-depth | Minority Rights

Minority Political Representation: Bosniaks

By - 24.04.2017

Second of a 5-part focus on those representing Kosovo’s minorities.

In-depth | Minority Rights

Minority political representation: Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians

By - 19.04.2017

First of a 5-part focus on those representing Kosovo’s minorities.

Blogbox | Refugees

Running to live

By - 23.03.2017

NATO's intervention brought hope, but also retaliation, forcing many to flee their homes.

One-on-one | EU

Mimoza Ahmetaj: The Balkans is a fragile region that is continuously [...]

By - 15.03.2017

New Minister of European Integration says the EU has a bright future, there is no plan B for Kosovo and border demarcation with Montenegro must pass in the Assembly.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Returning to invest

By - 23.02.2017

Diaspora invests millions in Kosovo but the potential is underutilized.

Perspectives | Protests

What can Kosovo learn from the latest developments in Romania?

By - 07.02.2017

In an evolving democracy, the popular vote cannot legitimize corruption.

Perspectives | Government

Is it time for unity representation in Brussels?

By - 01.02.2017

K2.0 explores the increasing calls to redesign the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.

Lately | Reconciliation

Brussels dialogue continues amid increased tensions

By - 24.01.2017

EU facilitating today’s meeting between leaders of Kosovo and Serbia.

Perspectives | Politics

Reviving the rhetoric of the past

By - 19.01.2017

The language coming from Belgrade this week has been reminiscent of dark days in Kosovo.

Lately | Politics

Kosovo Assembly united in condemning Haradinaj arrest

By - 11.01.2017

Escalated political tensions with Serbia over historical warrants.

Perspectives | Independence

A view on Kosovo politics in 2016

By - 26.12.2016

A year of obstacles and protests.

In-depth | Politics

Kosovo’s next political generation?

By - 19.12.2016

Young political activists preparing for the big stage.

Perspectives | Politics

Will Kosovo’s international support fade in 2017?

By - 06.12.2016

Challenges lie ahead after a year of political upheaval amongst Kosovo’s traditional allies.

In-depth | BiH

Mission impossible to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 15.11.2016

Kosovo and BiH still at odds over visa regime.

Lately | Justice

Citizens take to the streets demanding ‘Justice for Astrit’

By , - 14.11.2016

Calls for independent investigation into Astrit Dehari’s death.

Lately | Report

Kosovo’s civil society landscape illuminated

By - 10.11.2016

New report examines Kosovo's civil society.

In-depth | Recognition

Recognition denied: Spain

By - 07.11.2016

Five-part series on the non-recognizing EU states.

In-depth | Recognition

Recognition denied: Greece

By - 07.11.2016

Five-part series on the non-recognizing EU states.

In-depth | Recognition

Recognition denied: Romania

By - 07.11.2016

Five-part series on the non-recognizing EU states.

In-depth | Recognition

Recognition denied: Slovakia

By - 07.11.2016

Five-part series on the non-recognizing EU states.

In-depth | Recognition

Recognition denied: Cyprus

By - 07.11.2016

Five-part series on the non-recognizing EU states.

Blogbox | Media

The sweet taste of Swedish democracy

By - 21.10.2016

Stockholm trip highlights how far Kosovo has to go when it comes to media freedoms and human rights.

Perspectives | Politics

Signs of strain in Kosovo-Turkey relations

By - 19.10.2016

Events in Turkey this summer have highlighted that the 'special relationship' isn't all plain sailing.

In-depth | Health

Paying for your health

By - 06.10.2016

Kosovars increasingly seeking public money for private healthcare.

One-on-one | Politics

Ruairi O’Connell: Those in Kosovo’s justice system have [...]

By - 04.10.2016

UK Ambassador says ‘Pronto Affair’ must be a turning point for Kosovo, but insists there are wider problems with high-level corruption.

Perspectives | Kosovo

Democracy? Stability? One year on from the international agreements

By - 25.08.2016

On the anniversary of two internationally backed agreements with its neighbors, Kosovo appears weaker.

Lately | Protests

Citizens lead new wave of Prishtina protests

By - 11.08.2016

Hundreds take to streets following PDK wiretap revelations.

Perspectives | Protests

Hot climate in Kosovo’s politics

By - 05.08.2016

The wave of political events in Kosovo this week have surpassed the sweltering heat of the summer.

In-depth | Migration

Kosovars in UK feeling ‘Brexit’ effect

By - 01.07.2016

Mixed reactions following shock referendum result.

In-depth | Eulex


By - 24.06.2016

Rule of law mission's powers stripped back.

In-depth | Protests

Ferizaj workers continue steely fight for justice

By - 10.06.2016

Former factory employees occupy municipal assembly.

In-depth | Democracy

Challenging party politics

By - 25.05.2016

Politicians risking marginalization by voicing independent views.

One-on-one | Activism


By - 18.05.2016

Citizen-activism initiative founder says pressure must continue on institutions to bring about change.

Lately | Visa

EC proposes visa-free travel for Kosovars

By - 04.05.2016

Visa liberalisation big step closer after positive decision.

Print | '90s

Kosovo’s political prisoners

By - 26.04.2016

Those jailed during a time when thinking differently was illegal still bear the scars of their detention.

In-depth | Politics

Twenty months of Mayor Shpend Ahmeti

By - 14.09.2015

Signs of improvement in Prishtina but plenty left to do.