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K2.0 Small Talk: Is it better here or there?

By - 13.07.2018

Join us for our latest Small Talk on Thursday, July 19 at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo.

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Unofficial Ambassadors

By - 23.06.2018

The diaspora represent Albanians’ soft power.

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Diaspora shadows

By - 16.06.2018

Growing up in the speechlessness.

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Are Kosovars ‘here’ and ‘there’ aiming for the same future?

By - 13.03.2018

Those in Kosovo and the diaspora appear to be drifting ever-further apart.

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Is the diaspora full of “schatzis”?

By - 22.12.2017

The schatzi stereotype does not represent the diversity of Kosovo’s diaspora.

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Why the Kosovar diaspora is more conservative and why this is important

By - 05.09.2017

Changing the diaspora mindset could help Kosovo progress.

In-depth | Elections 2017 | Diaspora

Kosovo diaspora dreams of political change

By - 21.06.2017

The Kosovars abroad calling for a functioning social democracy.

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A toast to the diaspora

By - 28.05.2017

Drinking to forget, pretend, accept, and ignore.

In-depth | #IWantToKnow

Returning to invest

By - 23.02.2017

Diaspora invests millions in Kosovo but the potential is underutilized.