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Dejan Kožul is a journalist working for various media in Yugoslav space (Novosti, Lupiga, FTV, etc). For more than eight years he was the editor and anchor for the radio show KUPER which was broadcast on BH Radio, Radio Republika (Novi Sad), Radio Rojc (Pula), KLFM (Split), and Radio Apart (Beograd). He describes it as the territory with the most freedom and the ability to broadcast because there are no taboos.

In-depth | Politics

Resistance, build-up, violence, let-up

By - 24.07.2020

How the protests in Serbia began and unfolded.

Lately | COVID-19

Counting the sick and dead of Sandžak

By - 02.07.2020

Authorities deny there is a crisis, but citizens are dying.

One-on-one | Culture

Saša Ilić: Nonviolent revolution is an imperative

By - 22.06.2020

The writer talks about post-Milošević Serbia, nationalism and the Polip festival.

Lately | COVID-19

Human rights on hold

By - 15.04.2020

Civil society goes to court over human rights violations.

In-depth | Croatia

Sex abuse allegations against Orthodox Church

By - 24.02.2020

Victims kept waiting in search for truth and justice.

One-on-one | Feminism

Nemesis: This isn’t a story about girls wanting to be boys

By - 03.01.2020

A women’s death metal group from Serbia is breaking down barriers and conquering the region.