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Kosovare Duraku has previously interned for a human rights organization in Sydney, Australia and has also worked for the International Debate Education Association in Utrecht, Netherlands. She holds an LLM in Global Criminal Law from the University of Groningen where she wrote her thesis on Australia’s immigration policies and she is currently finishing up her second LLM in International Human Rights law at the same university.

Blogbox | Culture

Cultural appropriation, but make it fashion

By - 18.05.2020

How ethnic Albanians are appropriating cultures in the music industry.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Seeking a seat at the table of white supremacy

By - 06.05.2020

Anti-Muslim sentiments in the Albanian diaspora.

Blogbox | Diaspora

The oppressed becoming the oppressor

By - 27.08.2019

Navigating a world of ‘you do not belong here.’