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Feel good Fridays: Dance, dance, dance!

By - 01.05.2020

Bringing back the good times.

Before the lockdown, Fridays were a time to put the working week behind you, go out to a café or bar and hang out with friends or family. 

Maybe Fridays were the days that inaugurated a weekend of dancing, clubbing, going to the cinema or out to a gig. Or was it a time of just pure relaxation with hiking or sport, or simply reading a good book alone? 

Whatever made you feel good about Friday, we want to help bring some of those vibes back to you — even in these times — by rounding up some fun, feel good stories from around the world and what to look forward to coming straight into your own home.

We could all do with a party soon and luckily our friends to the south in North Macedonia have got one going already. Here’s the Macedonian remake of “Bella Ciao,” renamed “Korona Ćao” (“Corona Ciao”). Let’s at least raise a glass and have a dance and risk annoying the neighbors (a bit, just a little bit).

Let’s dance!

It was International Dance Day on Wednesday, April 29 but it’s not too late to get your groove on and celebrate.

Check out this video of famous sports stars including LeBron James, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Serena Williams and Cesc Fabregas dancing away the lockdown with their families. Because even the stars like to party — and even in their pajamas. 

Or, here’s actor and entrepreneur Jessica Alba trying to get her husband dancing. Glad we’re not locked down with him.

But Kosovo’s own Dua Lipa can get the party going even while sitting down with a few friends.

It’s not only the famous who like to dance; here’s a lovely video with a couple of doctors and nurses working the frontlines.

And here are some inspiring young dancers from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, at home but still putting on a beautiful show, while the University of Malta held an online flash mob of dance.

And finally, take a look at professional dancer Albert Garcia from Spain giving something special to his neighbors while he takes the trash out. Just because you’re taking out the trash doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style!

Make art for hope

Ready to make some hopeful art? The arts NGO Fine Acts asked 50 artists from around the globe to produce posters on the theme of hope for their project “Spring of Hope.” These posters are free to download and use on your wall, on your phone or however you like, non-commercially.

You can also become a part of it yourself. Fine Acts are now accepting submissions from budding artists everywhere.

“We believe that exercising creativity is one of the most effective ways to make people empowered and hopeful, which is an important counter to the feelings of anxiety and powerlessness that can come with life under lockdown,” says co-founder and director of Fine Acts, Yana Buhrer Tavarnier.

Eurovision forever

One of the many disappointments this year has been the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

But luckily on the same dates as it was originally scheduled, May 12 and 14, there will be a special Eurovision celebration show with all the songs played in order of their original semi-final schedule. Plus, “Eurovision: Shine a Light” will be on May 16 when the final was originally set to air. All of the shows will be available via YouTube.

There is also a contest for the best Eurovision fan celebration video. The organizers are asking for 20 second fan videos celebrating your favorite entries by May 5. Forget cleaning the bathroom this weekend, Eurovision needs you!

All of the entries, as usual, are available on YouTube including the frontrunners this year from Russia and Iceland, and of course Kosovo perennial favs, Albania, featuring X Factor Albania winner Arilena Ara. Get your sparkle, silver and costumes on and make those videos! 

Dance like nobody’s watching

Now, stop being a watcher and start dancing!

Evolution Dance in Kosovo offers dance classes streaming to your home and dance events from Facebook and Instagram. Check their pages for schedule information and details.

How about learning to dance with the New York City ballet in the meantime? The company is offering free classes for young people.

Now is the time to take advantage of the internet and take classes with the likes of Broadway choreographer Christopher Noffke who holds his Musical Theater Dance Class on Instagram live every Tuesday and Thursday, 9 p.m. Kosovo time. Who knows maybe you’ll be treading the boards in London or Broadway next?

Famed New Zealand hip-hop choreographer Parris Goebel, who founded the three-time back-to-back world champions Royal Dance Crew, has also been holding classes occasionally during lockdown. If you want to learn how to do this, keep an eye on her page.

The play “Trojan Women” will be streamed by FemArt on Friday. Photo: Fjolla Besimi, courtesy of FemArt.

Want more salsa and Afro-Caribbean dance? Check Ballet Hispánico’s Instagram page for “Wepa Wednesdays,” “Take back Tuesdays” and other weekly dance classes. The famous dance company holds these brilliant classes to get you up moving and enjoying life in true authentic Latin style.

The Instagram page Dancing Alone Together offers more online dance classes from around the world and most are free.

If you prefer someone else to do the dancing for you, the Kosovo National Ballet is also streaming past performances on its Facebook page every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. until June 4. Check the page for some of their past streams and the schedule.

Maybe you want some theater and dance? You could try FemArt’s stream of the seminal “Trojan Women” play. It was performed as part of the festival at the National Library of Kosovo two years ago, and it will be streaming on May 1 on their Facebook page.

And finally, maybe, don’t light my fire

Now, when you’re finished dancing you’ll probably want to get something to eat, but remember, safety first! Unlike this British TV chef who had a bit of an awkward moment on morning TV. 

Even Britney Spears has had some flammable issues recently when she announced she burned her gym down a couple of months ago. Best getting out of your workout excuse ever.

Feature image: Yll Selmani, courtesy of the Kosovo National Ballet.

What feel good stories have made you smile this week? Got a fun weekend event coming up? Share with us on our social media platforms or via email.