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  • Rita Ora and her crew’s Albanian shota dance may have filled our batteries — at least those of 300,000 of us they say — for a while. But now that the noise is over and the volume has been dialed down, we want to invite you to take a deep breath before a common reflection about our state.

    Whilst Kosovo is starting its new decade as a state, old topics continue to be prominent in the Kosovar reality. Unemployment, migration, corruption, international recognition and integration are some of the issues that have “haunted” Kosovo since 2008, and continue to be a challenge to moving ahead.

    Join us for an open and participative discussion on how global politics has shaped Kosovo? Are we entitled to be part of civil society… or do we need to register somewhere? Are we more equal? Is Kosovo secular? How will Kosovo look in 2028? Are we heading for a painful dystopia or will Kosovars take charge of ‘independence’?

    To help get the discussion going and to fill you in, we’ve invited a few people to get us started:

    – Artan Mustafa (social policy researcher),
    – Jeta Rexha (activist),
    – Agon Maliqi (public policy consultant),
    – Sibel Halimin (sociologist)

    K2.0 editor-in-chief Besa Luci will moderate this discussion. Translation in English will be provided. The discussion will be held in Albanian.

    Drinks are on us to get you talking.

    Wednesday, Feb. 28, 18:00 @ Dit’ e Nat’  – Don’t miss out!K

    Feature image: Majlinda Hoxha / K2.0.

  • Chronicle and photographs from the event
  • K2.0. On Wednesday, Feb. 28, K2.0 held its latest Small Talk to reflect on 10 years of Kosovo’s independence.

    Moderated by K2.0’s editor-in-chief, Besa Luci, panelists Agon Maliqi, Artan Mustafa and Jeta Rexha got the discussion started before the floor was opened to the room to continue the lively conversation.

    Photos: Majlinda Hoxha / K2.0.

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    Posted by KOSOVO 2.0 on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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  • Time:

    6:00 pm


    Dit’ e Nat’