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Podcast: ‘Recognition for missing people’

By - 13.11.2020

Bekim Blakaj on his two-decade-long activity on dealing with the past.

Since the 1990s, the Humanitarian Law Center — based in Belgrade and Prishtina — has played a crucial role in the process of dealing with the past and transitional justice. In Kosovo, one of the activities of the Center has been gathering facts on missing people from the war. The Center intends to document correctly and with dignity the killed and the missing. 

In this podcast, Besa Luci, K2.0 editor-in-chief, talks with Bekim Blakaj, executive director of the Center in Prishtina, about his two-decade-long personal and professional experiences — from the time when he, himself, was among the missing, to the professional burden of interviewing relatives of missing people. Among other things, he talks about the importance of institutional and civic engagement and advocacy for an inclusive documentation process. This would contribute toward a just recognition and understanding of the past in order to ensure a prosperous future.K  

Feature image: Atdhe Mulla / K2.0.

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