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Perspectives | Culture

Polip’s spread beyond Prishtina makes 2020 edition truly borderless

By - 22.09.2020

Literature festival explores change through new means of expression.

Perspectives | Books

Reviewing ‘Mother Teresa: The Saint and Her Nation’

By - 12.08.2020

A look at Gëzim Alpion’s latest work on the world’s most famous Albanian.

One-on-one | Books

Ian Bancroft: With north Kosovo the only obstacle is in your mind

By - 28.04.2020

Writer and diplomat speaks about his recent book on the north of Kosovo, dissolving misconceptions around the north and showing its humanity.

Blogbox | Books

Looking for the left

By - 03.03.2020

“W” by Igor Štiks, publishing house Fraktura, Zagreb, 2019.

One-on-one | Books

Aleksandar Hemon: The Balkans is just close enough to being Europe to perpetually fail at being Europe

By - 16.02.2020

One of the most acclaimed writers and thinkers of our times speaks on genocide denial, Western societal arrogance and a lifetime of displacement.

Mentorship | Cultural heritage

Ervina Halili: Rilindja is the only institution that has created a community of writers

By - 28.12.2019

The writer who created the Rilindja Archive speaks about the enterprise’s activity and the challenges she overcame while gathering material.

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Fatal misunderstandings with reality

By - 05.12.2019

The Atlas of Pseudo-mythology, Svetislav Basara, Službeni Glasnik, Belgrade, 2018.

Perspectives | Human Rights

A betrayal of literature

By - 16.10.2019

How and why the Nobel Committee for Literature awarded Peter Handke.

Perspectives | Books

7 promising Balkan authors you may not have read

By - 06.09.2019

Literary critic looks at some regional writers who are making waves.

Blogbox | Books

Ten factors affecting the rise and fall of nations

By - 04.11.2016

On the book “The Rise and Fall of Nations – Forces of Change in Post-Crisis World,” by Ruchir Sharma.