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Blogbox | Youth

Reverse culture shock

By - 24.11.2020

Life after Kosovo.

Perspectives | Serbia

Is censorship in Serbia’s culture becoming commonplace?

By - 06.11.2020

Art and culture in Serbia increasingly targeted by nationalists.

In-depth | Culture

“The Return of Karl May”

By - 02.11.2020

A play that reverts the Orientalist gaze.

In-depth | COVID-19

Independent artists left without support

By - 09.10.2020

Where has the support for the arts community gone?

In-depth | Culture

Who owns the city?

By - 28.09.2020

The city of Prishtina has expanded, but expanded into what?

Perspectives | Culture

Polip’s spread beyond Prishtina makes 2020 edition truly borderless

By - 22.09.2020

Literature festival explores change through new means of expression.

Perspectives | Books

Reviewing ‘Mother Teresa: The Saint and Her Nation’

By - 12.08.2020

A look at Gëzim Alpion’s latest work on the world’s most famous Albanian.

In-depth | HOPE

The invisible working class

By - 03.08.2020

Workers, long a key part of Kosovo, are starting to gain notice in art.

Perspectives | HOPE

Music will save us

By - 21.07.2020

In Kosovo, musicians thrive in a resurgent community.

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