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In-depth | Culture

Beyond the national

By - 26.06.2020

Revisiting films from the diaspora.

One-on-one | Serbia

Saša Ilić: Nonviolent revolution is an imperative

By - 22.06.2020

The writer talks about post-Milošević Serbia, nationalism and the Polip festival.

In-depth | Culture

The demolition of the theater as a harbinger of an upcoming dictatorship

By - 22.05.2020

A state captured by the whims of an arrogant leader.

Blogbox | Albania

Stop artwashing Edi Rama’s politics

By - 21.05.2020

An open letter to the international art community.

One-on-one | Croatia

Davor Mišković: Culture is marginalized, but we expect too much of it

By - 20.05.2020

The sociologist and activist talks about culture and festivals in the time of COVID-19.

Blogbox | Culture

Cultural appropriation, but make it fashion

By - 18.05.2020

How ethnic Albanians are appropriating cultures in the music industry.

Blogbox | Protests

The Dictatorship’s Face

By - 17.05.2020

Amid the ruins of the National Theater in Tirana.

Perspectives | BiH

The case of ‘Schindler’s Lift’ by Darko Cvijetić

By - 22.04.2020

Or a story about a corporation, art and the reality of capitalism.

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