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Pawel Pawlikowski: I can’t make documentaries now because the world is so ‘mediatized’

By - 23.08.2019

Multi-award-winning contemporary film director speaks about documenting Radovan Karadžić and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and the construction of truth.

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Film gives glimpse inside infamous Enver Hoxha prison camp

By - 14.08.2019

‘Virtual Museum, Tepelena Camp’ provides rare insight.

Lately | Mentorship | Culture

Human trafficking on the big screen

By - 09.08.2019

Besim Ugzmajli’s latest film ‘Rruga’ premiered last week in Prizren.

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K2.0’s summer reading list

By - 02.08.2019

Recommendations from the editorial team.

Lately | LGBTI

‘LGBT Police’ screened at PriFest

By - 24.07.2019

Documentary film explores the ‘pink and blue’ effect.

Lately | Culture

Hopes, fears and animating a community

By - 19.07.2019

Behind the scenes at Anibar 2019.

Lately | Albania

Abandoned Tirana factory transformed into cultural space

By - 17.07.2019

Young volunteers revitalize building for local community.

Lately | Volume Up

My.Kali: A voice speaks up

By - 05.07.2019

Khalid Abdel-Hadi’s magazine exists in a delicate balance.

Blogbox | Culture

Goodbye, Borka!

By - 04.07.2019

In memoriam: Borka Pavičević 1947—2019.

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