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Lately | Music

Inside Yugoslavia’s Albanian rock scene

By - 11.03.2020

Upholding the BOOM Festival legacy through 208 pages of zine.

Blogbox | Books

Looking for the left

By - 03.03.2020

“W” by Igor Štiks, publishing house Fraktura, Zagreb, 2019.

Lately | Culture

Kosovo’s missing persons are remembered

By - 25.02.2020

A new exhibition tries to keep their memory alive.

Lately | Film

From “Honeyland” to the Oscars

By - 20.02.2020

When Joaquin Phoenix meets a beekeeper from North Macedonia.

In-depth | Mentorship | Migration

Inside the homes of Albanians in Turkey

By - 30.12.2019

K2.0 visits the Albanian community in Turkish cities.

Mentorship | One-on-one | Cultural heritage

Ervina Halili: Rilindja is the only institution that has created a community of writers

By - 28.12.2019

The writer who created the Rilindja Archive speaks about the enterprise’s activity and the challenges she overcame while gathering material.

Lately | Arts

Dictators agitated

By - 05.12.2019

North Korea exhibition at the National Gallery elicited strong reactions.

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