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Blogbox | Diaspora

From brain drain to brain gain?

By - 18.10.2019

Why it’s high time for us to come back and reclaim our country.

Perspectives | Culture

Storytelling in the post-Yugoslav context

By - 01.10.2019

Reflection on the Southeast Europe Future Festival in London.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Why you shouldn’t call me ‘shaci’

By - 01.10.2019

Notes I wish I no longer needed to make.

In-depth | Migration

Decades of departures

By - 16.09.2019

The Kosovars who sought a better life elsewhere.

Blogbox | Diaspora

‘An Albanian girl would be the right choice’

By - 12.09.2019

Reflections on relationships in the diaspora.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Is criticizing Albanian culture allowed?

By - 05.09.2019

Cherishing origins while demanding change.

Blogbox | Diaspora

The oppressed becoming the oppressor

By - 27.08.2019

Navigating a world of ‘you do not belong here.’

Blogbox | Diaspora

Dating in the diaspora

By - 20.08.2019

Finding love and challenging expectations.

Blogbox | Diaspora

Alone, surrounded by my family

By - 15.08.2019

Surviving sexual abuse — and the surrounding silence.

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