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By - 18.06.2019

K2.0 is kicking off the second cycle of our Professional Shadowing Mentoring Program.

If you’re a student in your final year of a journalism degree, or at the beginning of your career as a journalist and want to develop professionally, then take a look at what we’re offering!

What exactly?

K2.0 is kicking off the second cycle of our Professional Shadowing Mentoring Program. This five-month program will expand the skills of six new journalists, serving as a paid experience to support young journalists at the beginning of their careers.

Upon completion of a professional training, six participants will be selected to be part of the K2.0 team and will work closely with a designated K2.0 editorial mentor. One of the participants will be mentored in photography, while the others will be mentored in written and/or multimedia journalism in a designated thematic field.

The participants of the program will:

Attend all K2.0 editorial meetings and see how ideas are pitched;

Learn how to gather and use relevant data and how to conduct research for specific articles;

Work closely with K2.0 journalists and editors during source interviews and fieldwork;

Have study visits to organizations and/or institutions that are relevant to their designated thematic field.


By the end of the mentoring program, the six participants will have produced articles that tackle a specific thematic field, such as: Access to justice, Reconciliation and dialogue, Labor market and employment, Human rights, Gender equality and Cultural topics. These articles will be published on K2.0.

What are we searching for?

A group of enthusiastic young aspiring journalists that come from different fields but are connected by their interest in professional journalistic achievement. The Professional Shadowing Mentoring Program is looking for dedicated and hard working people who are keen to learn.

What is the professional training?

The professional training will be available for 20 participants and will take place ahead of the mentee selection. The training, which will take place over two days, will cover topics such as narrative magazine storytelling, access to information, practical interviewing techniques, professional standards and journalistic ethics.

When and where?

The professional training will be held at the K2.0 space in Prishtina in early July 2019.

The six mentees selected after the training will complete their part-time internships between July and December 2019.

How to apply?

The application is open for all new journalists and students who are in their final year of studies.

To apply, please fill in the application form here.

The application deadline is midnight on Sunday, June 30, 2019.K

This program is funded by the project ‘Luxembourg support to civil society in Kosovo,’ financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).