Talks - Kosovo 2.0


Small Talks is an open platform for the community — from civil society activists to artists, innovators and citizens that may never have participated in such initiatives — to address their concerns and be heard on important issues that are often neglected.

What sets these discussions apart from other debates is their genuinely inclusive and participatory nature, where attendees are encouraged to be actively involved. We seek to  eliminate the panel vs. audience format and — instead of creating a unilateral conversation — enable a conversation between all attendants.

We still have invited guests as well as a moderator, in order to help get the conversation started and to ensure that different perspectives and expertise are heard — but we always ensure that one of those is an institutional representative to help connect decisionmakers with citizens.

Small Talks is a platform where traditional approaches to different topics can be challenged by the introduction of new standpoints, different ideas and by the participation of a diverse composition of people; they should serve as a common point for others to further their conversations — and actions.