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Working mums: supported or alone?

By - 06.08.2019

Does the state help new mothers?

The arrival of a baby to the family is normally a reason for joy, but they also alter the lives of the parents forever. New routines, new necessities and expenses suddenly accompany the upbringing of a newborn, and the weight of raising a child often falls primarily upon the mothers. For working mothers in Kosovo, this is a permanent struggle.

In our latest episode of Konteksti, our Editor-in-Chief Besa Luci, who recently reintegrated the daily machine of K2.0 after her own maternity leave, speaks with two other women who balance work and motherhood: Shqipe Gjocaj, freelance writer and feminist author, and Mimoza Mustafa, a university lecturer and professional in the financial sector. 

Through their personal experiences, we address the presence or absence of institutional support toward parents, particularly mothers, from birth preparation to public kindergartens. Considering that it is already difficult for women in Kosovo to participate in the labor market, does the state assume that they will become the primary caretaker at the cost of abandoning their career? What support is offered by the state to new families? Are there alternatives for single mothers? What happens when the grandparents, and maybe even the father, aren’t present anymore?

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