In-short | Politics

Opposition alienated as ‘final phase’ of the dialogue continues

By - 13.07.2018

Lack of consensus and confusion over compromise in lead up to Brussels meeting.

Blogbox | Sexual Violence

Be her voice, but first, be her loneliness

By - 05.07.2018

What has happened to victims of wartime sexual violence in the last 20 years is double victimization. Today, we cannot allow them to be victimized again.

In-short | Diaspora

K2.0 Small Talk: Is it better here or there?

By - 13.07.2018

Join us for our latest Small Talk on Thursday, July 19 at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo.

Blogbox | Environment

Against the ‘strategy for normalization’ of air pollution

By - 10.07.2018

Outside of winter, air pollution is shut away in drawers of collective oblivion.

In-short | Albania

Vague idea of EU ‘disembarkation platform’ faces backlash in Albania

By - 09.07.2018

Cool response to idea of hosting processing place for EU asylum seekers.

Blogbox | Gender

Chronicle in stone

By - 04.07.2018

Cutting through gender stereotypes in the energy sector.

In-short | K2.0

We are hiring two journalists

By - 03.07.2018

Apply now to join K2.0’s growing team.

In-short | Culture

20 years of transnational cultural cooperation in a book

By - 29.06.2018

K2.0 and CZKD document cultural bridges between Kosovo and Serbia.

Perspectives | Macedonia

Albanian women in Macedonian politics remain invisible

By - 27.06.2018

The height of ‘machocracy’ in the Balkans.

In-depth | Macedonia

Macedonia getting lost in the smoke

By - 23.06.2018

Amendments to Law on Protection Against Smoking cause controversy.


Just saying
It's a very dangerous climate that reminds me of many things, and for that reason seeing this book [Përtej] come out after 20 years is an inspiration
By Borka Pavicevic, dramatist

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