Diaspora and economy
Dialogue of the deaf
Perspectives | Politics

Brussels based talks are a ‘Dialogue of the Deaf’

By - 23.02.2017

The EU-mediated negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia have become obstructed. How can they progress in 2017?

Nacionalizmi Banal
Perspectives | Independence

Flagging and banal nationalism confirm Kosovo’s statehood, but that’s not the full picture

By - 22.02.2017

While recent success in the sporting arena has helped to increase affinity to the Kosovo flag, Kosovar identity remains complex and nuanced.

The right to be forgotten law
In-depth | Privacy rights

Internet — forget me!

By - 21.02.2017

How to stop search engines displaying embarrassing results about you.

In-depth | Independence

A guide for a 9-year-old kid

By - 17.02.2017

How to survive in the neighborhood.

18 and counting black
In-depth | Independence

Growing up with the state

By - 17.02.2017

The generation of ’98-’99 on Kosovo’s independence.

Majlinda Hoxha.Domestic Violence. 11.2016_10-1
In-depth | Domestic Violence

Suffering in silence

By - 14.02.2017

Domestic violence victims struggle for support — and survival.

majlinda Hoxha,Uta Ibrahimi
One-on-one | Environment

Uta Ibrahimi: Trekking in the Himalayas made me realize how small we humans are

By - 11.02.2017

Outdoor enthusiast on testing herself to the limit by negotiating perilous falls, altitude sickness and fearsome yetis!

Majlinda Hoxha, Gray Skies copy
Blogbox | Environment

Children poisoned by pollution

By - 10.02.2017

New measures of air pollution in Prishtina.

World Peace
Blogbox | Security

The victims of ever-changing threats to peace are innocent civilians

By - 10.02.2017

Evolution of global security threats has also affected warfare methods.

In-depth | Justice

Appeals underway for Kosovars on Interpol list

By - 09.02.2017

Haradinaj one of 20 appeals submitted to Interpol in December 2016.

Perspectives | Protests

What can Kosovo learn from the latest developments in Romania?

By - 07.02.2017

In an evolving democracy, the popular vote cannot legitimize corruption.

Majlinda Hoxha, Fitore Berisha (final)
One-on-one | Arts

Fitore Berisha: Bringing out my horns through artistic protest

By - 06.02.2017

Artist talks about using art as therapy, revolt and empowerment.

Atdhe Mulla, Wall, 05.02.17
In-short | Mitrovica

Mitrovica wall comes down

By - 06.02.2017

New plans revealed for revitalization of Ibar Bridge area.


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