In-depth | ICTY

ICTY through the ears of the interpreters

By - 16.01.2018

Being the voice of war criminals.

In-depth | Politics

Political opposition’s year for recovery and repair

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s opposition parties shaping up?

In-depth | Politics

Government parties staring down challenging 2018

By - 12.01.2018

How are Kosovo’s governing parties shaping up for new year?

Blogbox | Albania

Deja Vu at Onufri XXIII

By - 10.01.2018

Latest Tirana exhibition holds the memories of last year’s.

In-depth | Entrepreneurship

Cryptocurrency gold rush

By - 09.01.2018

A look into the world of online currency and 21st century mining.

In-depth | Macedonia

Few following in the footsteps of whistleblowers

By - 06.01.2018

Despite favorable laws not many people dare to blow the whistle in Macedonia.

In-depth | Education

Time to review the textbooks

By - 05.01.2018

School textbooks contain scientific inaccuracies and hate speech.

One-on-one | Entrepreneurship

Linda Shala: Kosovo’s market is suffocated, but foreign markets present the youth with opportunities

By - 30.12.2017

After nearly 30 years of doing business, Linda Shala speaks new opportunities and challenges in the market, as well as her passion for journalism.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 4

By - 30.12.2017

Watch part four of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.


Croatia has become the European Union’s new frontier

By - 29.12.2017

The death of a child highlights police treatment of refugees in the EU.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 3

By - 29.12.2017

Watch part three of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

In-depth | Human Rights

Standing up for Roma rights

By - 29.12.2017

The Gracanica paralegal seeking equality.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 2

By - 28.12.2017

Watch part two of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

Perspectives | Justice

The end of the ICTY

By - 28.12.2017

In its 24 years, the international tribunal has been legally groundbreaking but has divided opinion.

In-depth | BiH

Keeping the rivers glistening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 27.12.2017

Women of Kruscica part of a nascent movement to preserve rivers in the Balkans.

In-depth | LGBTI

The Sky is Turning: Episode 1

By - 27.12.2017

Watch part one of K2.0’s exclusive four-part documentary.

One-on-one | Film

Blerta Zeqiri: Our Romeo and Juliet is love between people of the same sex

By - 23.12.2017

Kosovar filmmaker discusses forbidden love, the process behind her films and women in cinema.

In-depth | Security

Forcing the security issue

By - 23.12.2017

Award-winning KSF awaits establishment of Kosovo’s army.

Blogbox | Energy

Involuntary solidarization

By - 22.12.2017

Why pay someone else’s energy bills?

In-depth | Serbia

Contemporary culture struggling to survive in Subotica

By - 22.12.2017

Local government and cultural institutions in conflict in Vojvodina.


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