One-on-one | Culture

Eliza Hoxha: To have collective pride, we need to talk about collective memory

By - 23.05.2018

Kosovar architect presents the country’s '90s history at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

In-depth | Justice

Dying without justice

By - 18.05.2018

Former workers of Ferizaj’s IMK Celiku factory yet to receive compensation.

In-short | LGBTI

Landmark request to change name and sex marker denied

By - 17.05.2018

Activist vows to use all legal options available.

In-short | LGBTI

Hate speech highlighted on IDAHOT

By - 17.05.2018

LGBTI rights activists showcase abuse received.

One-on-one | Mental health

The Artidote: Knowing others are going through the same struggle helps you know you’re not alone

By - 16.05.2018

Virtual community provides safe space for discussion on mental health and healing through art — K2.0 speaks to its founder.

In-depth | Migration

Migrants and refugees caught in Balkan Limbo

By , - 15.05.2018

Montenegro experiences rise in those seeking refuge in Europe.

In-depth | Recognition

Kosovo’s recognition missing in online domain

By - 14.05.2018

State’s digital independence still lagging behind.

In-depth | BiH

Uncertainty dominates as Bosnian elections announced

By - 10.05.2018

October elections could throw the country into political chaos.

In-depth | Education

Will Kosovo’s education system flunk its exams again?

By - 07.05.2018

Reforms delayed by ‘stagnation’ around implementation.

In-depth | Workers' rights

Workers question Ferronikeli ‘success story’

By - 01.05.2018

Death, injuries and mass dismissals since 2006 privatization.

In-short | Albania

Highway fee takes its toll

By - 27.04.2018

Planned Albania highway tax raises opposition on both sides of border.

In-short | Copyright

Copyright, copyleft or something else completely?

By - 26.04.2018

Author rights and free reproduction discussed at K2.0 Small Talk.

One-on-one | Film

Sami Mustafa: Cinema can be more powerful than politics in changing people’s lives

By - 24.04.2018

Award winning filmmaker discusses the misleading portrayal of Roma in film and the next generation attempting to change it.

In-depth | Greece

New names and old in Macedonia discussions

By - 24.04.2018

The options for ending decades-long dispute between Macedonia and Greece.

One-on-one | EU

Florian Bieber: In some ways, the EU encourages regional autocrats

By - 21.04.2018

Leading academic on Western Balkans talks about constrained democracies, foreign influence and the potential for change.


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Segregation and discrimination starts when you enter school. If there are five classes, you will see the children of doctors in the first class and the least successful teacher will take the children from [minority ethnic] communities.
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