Perspectives | Media

There is a media blackout in the ‘stabilocracy’

By - 18.10.2017

Creating a rosy media image of Serbia under the watchful eye of Aleksandar Vucic.

In-short | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Read. Watch. Share. Engage. Vote!

By - 17.10.2017

Look again at the local with K2.0’s monograph.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Do mayors keep their promises?

By - 17.10.2017

What has or hasn’t been done in the last four years in the bigger municipalities?

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Elections

VIDEO: Show me the (municipal) money!

By - 17.10.2017

Where do municipalities spend our money?

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Gender equality

Who’s representing rural women?

By - 17.10.2017

Municipalities and candidates doing little to end isolation.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Extremism

Choosing between your city and Islamic State

By - 17.10.2017

The radicalization of disconnected young people.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Prishtina

Under the shadows

By - 17.10.2017

To whom it may concern.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Activism

Fighting back on Facebook

By - 17.10.2017

Social media helping activists put pressure on the municipalities.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Politics

Municipalities do not have functional independence

By - 17.10.2017

Ten examples of the central level encroaching on the local.

Perspectives | Local Elections 2017 | Media

Kosovo’s digital Leviathans threaten a crisis of democracy

By - 17.10.2017

Our unchecked online culture is promoting an unhealthy personalization — and presidentialization — of politics.

One-on-one | Local Elections 2017 | Democracy

Shqiprim Lubishtani: Election observation is activism for qualitative change

By - 17.10.2017

Long-term observer discusses his engagement in the democratic process and the challenges and improvements over the years.

In-short | Local Elections 2017 | K2.0

More about this monograph

By - 17.10.2017

Looking local in Kosovo’s cities, towns and villages.

In-depth | Justice

Waiting on the Judges of the North

By - 16.10.2017

Extension of Kosovo judicial system reaches crucial step.

In-short | Elections

Election promises: Fact check

By - 14.10.2017

A look into some of this week’s boldest claims.

Perspectives | Justice

“The Snake” raises its head for the Special Court

By - 12.10.2017

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci blames the international community for his own political failures.

Perspectives | Politics

“New phase” of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue raises more questions than answers

By - 12.10.2017

Uncertain future awaits while calls for unity fall on deaf ears.

In-short | LGBTI

Balkan unity in the Pride Parade

By - 11.10.2017

LGBTI rights supporters from across region at Kosovo’s first Pride.

One-on-one | Media

Ibrahim Nehme: Change begins in our imagination

By - 11.10.2017

Beirut-based magazine founder talks about the power of the media to provoke radical change.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | Perspectives | LGBTI

Proud to introduce K2.0’s LGBT monograph

By - 10.10.2017

Kosovo’s first Pride should be understood for what it is — a celebration, but also a protest for fundamental human rights.

Monographs | LGBTI Rights | LGBTI

The ebb and flow of LGBT rights across the globe

By - 10.10.2017

Throughout history, the fight for LGBT rights is a story of victories and defeats.


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​​It is commonplace to ask why the “Twitter revolutions” are in retreat. But the more intriguing question is why we were so convinced that they would succeed in the first place.​
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