Perspectives | Media

Political and economic interests in media ownership are squeezing Kosovar journalism

By - 27.03.2017

New and old ownership models present their own challenges to quality independent reporting.

Blogbox | Refugees

Running to live

By - 23.03.2017

NATO's intervention brought hope, but also retaliation, forcing many to flee their homes.

In-short | Architecture

The architects aiming for social impact

By - 23.03.2017

Small studio set up by eight recent graduates.

In-depth | Justice

The deserter prosecuted for war crimes

By - 22.03.2017

The story of Sinan Morina, extradited to Serbia on war crimes charges.  

In-short | Small Talk

What next for sports in Kosovo?

By - 22.03.2017

Post-recognition era sports discussed in K2.0 Small Talk.

One-on-one | Arts

Odile Burluraux: Artists can contribute to thinking differently and raising questions

By - 20.03.2017

Curators Odile Burluraux and Jessica Castex discuss the exhibiting of Hayoun Kwon’s virtual reality artwork, “489 Years,” at Kosovo’s National Gallery.

Sports | Monograph

The history makers

By - 16.03.2017

After years of seeking recognition, Kosovo’s first ever world cup qualification campaign began with a roller coaster 36 hours on the Finnish coast.

Sports | Monograph

Stepping into Kosovar sport’s post-recognition age

By - 16.03.2017

Welcome to K2.0’s monograph on sports — a note from the editor.

Sports | Monograph

The halls of power

By - 16.03.2017

Kosovo’s sports federations have won the battle to be recognized, but are they serving the country’s sportspeople?

Sports | Monograph

The homes of Kosovar sport

By , - 16.03.2017

A look inside the places that house Kosovo sport, including both its history and future.

Sports | Monograph

No state support, no sport

By - 16.03.2017

What has the Kosovo government ever done for sport?

Sports | Monograph

Grappling with greatness

By - 16.03.2017

The latest judo star from the Ippon Club in Peja knows exactly what it takes to beat a current Olympic champion. She trains with one every day.

Sports | Monograph

Following in the footsteps of champions

By - 16.03.2017

As the women’s national football team play their first competitive matches, they can take inspiration from two superstars of the European game.

Sports | Monograph

Are we one?

By - 16.03.2017

For years, sport united ethnic Albanians scattered among states around the world, but Kosovo’s sporting recognition has complicated matters.

In-short | Media

Journalists invited to apply for award

By - 15.03.2017

Investigative journalism competition open call announced.


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