In-short | Macedonia

New law opens old wounds in Macedonia

By , - 20.03.2018

Media environment adds to tensions over landmark language law.

Blogbox | Activism

Celebrate the march on the streets

By - 19.03.2018

Resistance to an oppressive culture isn’t just for Women’s Day.

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In-short | K2.0

K2.0 is looking for correspondents in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia

By - 16.03.2018

You could be one of our new regional correspondents!

Blogbox | Diaspora

Are Kosovars ‘here’ and ‘there’ aiming for the same future?

By - 13.03.2018

Those in Kosovo and the diaspora appear to be drifting ever-further apart.

In-depth | Activism

Inside Sabota

By - 13.03.2018

Exploring Prishtina’s new social center.

Blogbox | Independence

State building efforts in post-conflict Kosovo

By - 12.03.2018

Evaluating the international influence.

In-short | Activism

International Women’s Day 2018

By - 09.03.2018

Mobilizations across Europe captured on film.

In-depth | Activism

Three decades of protest

By - 09.03.2018

A history of women led activism on March 8.

In-depth | Albania

National Theater relocation causes drama in Tirana

By - 27.02.2018

Cultural community and the state at odds over building demolition.

One-on-one | Local Elections 2017

Mytaher Haskuka: We can achieve change faster when we are united

By - 26.02.2018

New Prizren mayor discusses the possibilities and challenges of governing Kosovo’s second city.

In-short | Small Talk

K2.0 Small Talk: Kosovo X — How independent?

By - 23.02.2018

Join K2.0 for an open and participative discussion on ten years of independence!

In-depth | Refugees

Playing the EU border game

By - 23.02.2018

Closed borders means thousands of migrants remain in Balkan limbo.

Perspectives | Kosovo X | Independence

We — the citizens — are the state

By - 16.02.2018

February 17 is not just a day of independence, but a chance to reflect upon the Republic we want to be.

Blogbox | Kosovo X | Fiction

2028 Noir

By - 16.02.2018

Put on 3D glasses now to enhance your experience.

In-depth | Kosovo X | Independence

Waiting at work for Independence Day

By - 16.02.2018

Four different views of February 17, 2008.

Perspectives | Kosovo X | Foreign Relations

The West must finish what it started with Kosovo

By - 16.02.2018

The global context has changed in the past 10 years, leaving Kosovo in limbo.


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Women wanted to contribute independently from men and, at times, hold men accountable to meeting their needs as women, in addition to meeting the needs of the nation.
By Safete Rogova

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