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Kosovo should consider legalizing cannabis

By - 21.10.2019

Regulated legalization could be more beneficial than current penalization approach.

Perspectives | Economy

PAN’s policy-making continued one-size-fits-men trend

By - 26.09.2019

Outgoing administration, like those before it, did nothing to make policies work for women.

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Kosovo’s tech revolution potential

By - 02.07.2019

Tech industry provides opportunities, but are things happening?

In-depth | Albania

Albania is bleeding out

By - 24.06.2019

More than one third of Albania’s citizens live abroad.

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The covered-up stagnation of the private sector

By - 06.06.2019

Behind Kosovo’s acclaimed ‘ease of doing business,’ private enterprise struggles.

Perspectives | Economy

A Microeconomic Perspective on Unemployment

By - 03.06.2019

The significant but overlooked factors.

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State of Kosovo’s private sector illustrates poor economic vision

By - 07.02.2019

Local ‘economic zones’ showing no concrete results.

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Where are the 60,000 new jobs?

By - 13.09.2018

After a year in office, what impact has the current government had on the economy?

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Rethinking Kosovar citizenship

By - 16.02.2018

Economic policy has failed to address inequality.