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Besa Luci is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Kosovo 2.0. Besa holds a BA in political science/international relations and journalism/mass communications from the American University in Bulgaria, and an MA in journalism/magazine writing from the Graduate School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Perspectives | Democracy

‘Copy paste’ Independence Day

By - 16.02.2017

As Kosovo marks another Independence Day, it has many familiar problems — but it can start to move beyond them if citizens are placed at the heart of the country’s democracy.

Perspectives | Protests

Make 2017 the Year of Resistance

By - 30.12.2016

After this most difficult of political years, it’s time for engagement and action.

In-short | Elections

OSCE will not monitor Drenas mayoral election

By , - 03.12.2016

Ad hoc proposal not in line with formal observation process.

Perspectives | Media

Welcome to K2.0’s online magazine

By - 04.10.2016

As we move toward a new era, K2.0 will continue to challenge, provoke and inspire.

Print | '90s

Letter from the editor

By - 26.04.2016

The '90s are painful recent history, but a closer look can help us understand our modern identity.

Perspectives | Government

Thaci’s star role in Kosovo’s Grim Fairytale

By - 29.02.2016

Thaci's election as Kosovo's next President.

Perspectives | Politics

The Republic is failing but the manifestation is part of the problem

By - 28.11.2015

Protesting for Kosovo's protection on Albania’s Independence Day weakens the state's fragile values.

Print | Environment

Letter from the editor

By - 05.08.2015

Think you can't have an impact? This magazine is here to show you why that's wrong.

Print | Sports

Letter from the editor

By - 04.03.2015

Kosovo wants to play, and the rest of the world is starting to listen.

Print | Migration

Letter from the editor

By - 26.09.2014

Human movement is driven many factors that touch us all.

Print | Arts

Letter from the editor

By - 09.10.2013

Exploring the conflicts and tensions of arts in the Balkans.

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