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Tringë Sokoli is an editor at K2.0. For her bachelor’s degree she studied journalism at the University of Prishtina, and for her master’s she studied public policy and administration at the University of Potsdam in Germany.

Longform | Education

The rector who wouldn’t give up on the future

By - 19.10.2020

Remembering Ejup Statovci — jurist, professor, visionary.

In-depth | HOPE

Changing by degrees

By , Ngadhnjim Avdyli - 30.07.2020

Fixing climate change won't be easy — but these Kosovars are starting somewhere.

Lately | COVID-19

Government eases COVID-19 restrictions as cases soar

By - 29.07.2020

Bar opening hours extended and kindergartens, gyms reopen.

Lately | COVID-19

Kosovo records new daily high in COVID-19 cases

By - 07.07.2020

New restrictive measures entered into force on Monday.

Lately | Politics

Constitutional court rules new elections not required

By , Jack Butcher - 29.05.2020

Thaçi calls for quick formation of new government.

In-depth | COVID-19

‘I was young then — I could run away’

By - 23.04.2020

Lockdown phone calls with pensioners.

Lately | COVID-19

Initial confusion as new restrictions begin

By , Jack Butcher - 15.04.2020

Ministry of Health moves to clarify a series of uncertainties.

Lately | COVID-19

Movements restricted further from Wednesday

By - 14.04.2020

Pandemic response intensifies as new cases increase.

Lately | Politics

Court keeps ‘unconstitutional’ COVID-19 measures in place

By - 01.04.2020

Acting PM vows to respect ‘surprise’ decision, announces removal of tariffs.

Lately | Politics

Kosovo government falls in midst of COVID-19 crisis

By , Jack Butcher - 25.03.2020

LDK helps bring down its own coalition, despite citizen anger.

Lately | COVID-19

Two cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Kosovo

By , Tringë Sokoli - 13.03.2020

Prime minister urges people not to panic but to increase caution.

Lately | COVID-19

Explained: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By , Bronwyn Jones - 27.02.2020

What we know and what we can do.

Lately | Politics

Kosovo Assembly approves new government

By , Tringë Sokoli - 03.02.2020

Deputies vote for cabinet headed by new PM Albin Kurti.