Konteksti Podcast | COVID-19

Protesting during the pandemic — a new wave of insecurities?

By - 30.09.2020

Could the anti-Covid law also be considered a violation of citizens’ right to protest?

From the beginning of the pandemic in Kosovo, freedom of movement and public assembly have been restricted in various ways, depending on the epidemiological situation or government decisions. Recently, with the Law on Preventing and Combating the COVID-19 pandemic, approved in August, the institutions seem to have left much room for interpretation on how public gatherings are regulated, or even whether they’re banned or allowed. In addition, the Law on Public Gatherings itself, which has not been updated since 2009, has some shortcomings in terms of the right to protest.

In this episode of Konteksti, K2.0 editor-in-chief Besa Luci talks with lawyer Rina Kika and GAP Institute researcher Jeton Mehmeti about legal loopholes, double standards and the fundamental right to use protest as a means of expressing civil discontentment and disagreement.K



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