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Journalistic ethics are being forgotten in order to get more clicks

By - 16.02.2017

Media outlets publishing video footage of a woman burning in the flames of a Sarajevo fire is the latest example of broken principles.

Majlinda Hoxha.Access to information
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Kosovar journalists need to demand implementation of their access to information rights

By - 31.01.2017

In Kosovo, access to information is well guaranteed in theory — in practise it’s a different story.

Journalism is dead
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Journalism is dead, long live the vox populi!

By - 24.01.2017

For liberal democracy as we know it, the decline of professional journalism is certainly bad news — without it, vocal majorities dictate political decisions increasingly rooted in extreme, intolerant values.

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The emerging illiterate class is hooked on Facebook videos – and that’s good news for demagogues

By - 21.12.2016

Millennials communicate through emojis, bringing forth a new form of over-simplified, emotional news.

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The web we have to save

By - 10.12.2016

The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?

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Branko Cecen: Investigative journalists face media lynchings, threats and physical assaults in Vucic’s Serbia

By - 07.12.2016

Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) director on why he walked out of prime minister’s speech at regional media conference.

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European countries need to provide access to information in practice, not just on paper

By - 18.11.2016

Legal frameworks aren't being reflected in reality when it comes to transparency.

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The sweet taste of Swedish democracy

By - 21.10.2016

Stockholm trip highlights how far Kosovo has to go when it comes to media freedoms and human rights.

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Kosovo’s public discourse is toxic

By - 10.10.2016

The Web has become a place to attack others at the expense of enlivened and enriched debate.

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Welcome to K2.0’s online magazine

By - 04.10.2016

As we move toward a new era, K2.0 will continue to challenge, provoke and inspire.

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