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By - 25.03.2024

Get funding and training for your innovative, public-oriented journalistic productions

At K2.0, we know that small media outlets play a crucial role in serving remote communities, either physically or sociopolitically and in filling in the gaps left by mainstream media. Increasingly, NGOs contribute in the fight against predominant exclusionary or simplistic narratives, by using journalistic tools to shed light on issues, rights and experiences that are often overlooked. Together, they are fundamental actors in the protection of media pluralism and journalistic quality in Kosovo, and they are often at the forefront in the battle against disinformation or simply lazy journalism.

However, we also know that these smaller media outlets and NGOs frequently struggle to access funding or training, compared to bigger entities that can count on their size and a more prominent position in the media landscape. This is why we are opening this call: we don’t want size or organizational capacity to be an obstacle for small media outlets and related NGOs to keep innovating, challenging and diversifying the Kosovar media environment.

If you are a small media, NGO or unregistered initiative engaged in media production, and your mission is to improve media representation and diversity and contribute to the dispelling of disinformation, misinformation and malinformation in Kosovo, this call is for you.

Check the guidelines below to see if you are eligible, to understand which kind of activities this call will support, and to learn more about the application process.

The deadline for applications is April 21, 2024

This activity is organized with the financial support of the European Union as part of the project “Diversifying voices in journalism.” Its contents are the sole responsibility of Kosovo 2.0 and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.