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Besarta Breznica is in her last year of studies in Media and Communication at the University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Prishtina, as well as in her last year of studies at the Faculty of Philosophy. During these years, she has worked at KosovaLive360 and has been part of the Professional Shadowing Program at K2.0. She is currently working at Oral History Kosovo.

In-depth | Society

Growing old alone

By , Xhorxhina Bami - 09.05.2019

K2.0 spent the day at Prishtina’s elderly people’s home.

In-depth | Arts

Seventeen: A catalyst for progress

By , Besarta Breznica - 14.03.2019

Using art and culture to foster community-level change.

Mentorship | Public Space

Eljesa Beka: I would have left Kosovo for good if it wasn’t [...]

By , Besarta Breznica - 25.12.2018

K2.0 speaks to two of the organizers of Termokiss about its busiest year yet.