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Xhorxhina Bami is a senior at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) double majoring in public policy and economics with a minor in international relations. She has also finished a semester abroad via Erasmus+ at the HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Currently she is a participant in the Professional Journalism Shadowing Program at K2.0 in the human rights department, a field she wants to pursue in the future.

In-depth | Society

Growing old alone

By , Xhorxhina Bami - 09.05.2019

K2.0 spent the day at Prishtina’s elderly people’s home.

In-depth | Unemployment

Kosovo’s women in business

By - 17.04.2019

Opportunities and barriers for Kosovo’s women entrepreneurs.

In-depth | Arts

Seventeen: A catalyst for progress

By , Besarta Breznica - 14.03.2019

Using art and culture to foster community-level change.

Mentorship | Arts

Evelyne Pommerat: “We have to be together with Roma people [...]

By - 20.11.2018

Director of the Matéo Maximoff Media Library in Paris talks Roma arts and tackling discrimination.