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Blerim Vela is a PhD researcher on Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex in the UK. His research focuses on the influence of the EU accession process on the functioning of the national parliaments of candidate states in the Western Balkans. In the past he has worked for WFD, UNDP and OSCE in different countries.

Perspectives | Elections

Elections — a chance to change the system, or simply change [...]

By - 21.08.2019

What we can expect based on past experiences.

Perspectives | Politics

Reforming the electoral system through a citizens’ assembly?

By - 30.05.2019

We need to involve citizens, not only parties, in the process of reinventing democracy.


“Border correction” leads to the suspension of reason

By - 04.03.2019

The Gordian knot of border correction and import tariffs is self-tied.

Perspectives | Government

Kosovo’s opposition parties need to suggest as well as scrutinize

By - 12.07.2018

Lack of coordination and policy suggestions preventing effective opposition in parliament.