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Danny is an editorial intern at K2.0. He holds a bachelor’s in International History & Politics from the University of Leeds (UK).

Blogbox | Arts

Local artist’s designs celebrate Kosovo’s past and present

By - 12.12.2016

Ilire Lepaja says all dreams require courage and risk-taking.

Lately | Protests

Protesters demand end to domestic violence

By - 18.10.2016

Anger after video shows man beating teenage niece.


Kinisi Festival of Sound and Music: Encouraging new ways of [...]

By - 14.10.2016

Festival directors talk underwater concerts, priest bell-ringing solos and Bulgarian bagpipes.

Lately | Police

Inter-ethnic crime under-reported

By - 06.10.2016

New report recommends improved institutional processes.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Her- and his- story discussed in Small Talk

By - 17.09.2016

Full house debates conflict-related sexual violence at K2.0.