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Drenusha Morina studies journalism at the University of Prishtina and is a mentee in K2.0’s Professional Shadowing Mentorship Program (2019). She applied for the program to benefit from working closely with professional K2.0 journalists.

In-depth | Migration

Inside the homes of Albanians in Turkey

By - 30.12.2019

K2.0 visits the Albanian community in Turkish cities.

Mentorship | Activism

Janis McDavid: If you want to do something with your life, [...]

By - 25.10.2019

Inspiring disabled activist talks about life, motivation and self-acceptance.

Lately | Culture

Human trafficking on the big screen

By - 09.08.2019

Besim Ugzmajli’s latest film ‘Rruga’ premiered last week in Prizren.