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Marijana Camović Veličković graduated from the Faculty of Law in Podgorica and has been working as a journalist since 2001. Since its establishment in 2013, Camović has been head of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, and has been particularly interested in the topics of media freedoms, the relations of media owners toward employees and the labor rights of workers in the media sector. She is also a board member of the European Federation of Journalists.

Lately | Elections

Police and political violence against citizens

By - 13.07.2020

Can the chaos in Budva lead to Montenegrin stabilization?

Lately | Montenegro

Montenegrin protests continue after clergy arrests

By - 15.05.2020

Clashes and accusations as protesters defy COVID-19 restrictions.

In-depth | Montenegro

The law that rocked Montenegro

By - 18.04.2020

What’s behind the months-long protests?

One-on-one | Education

Mara Šćepanović: The university will be liberated when Montenegro [...]

By - 29.10.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 5) — physicist from Montenegro talks about the only light in the darkness of the education system in that country.

Lately | Montenegro

Pressing for change in Montenegro

By - 04.04.2019

After two months of protests, opposition agrees to work toward new elections.

Lately | Montenegro

Tito lives on in Montenegro

By - 23.01.2019

Tito is back in Podgorica, but nobody knows why.

One-on-one | Human Rights

Aleksandar Saša Zeković: Montenegro cannot be considered [...]

By - 28.11.2018

Podgorica-based human rights activist talks LGBTI rights, Montenegrin politics and the process of facing the past.

One-on-one | Feminism

Paula Petričević: We must not wait for something to happen [...]

By - 16.10.2018

TALKING BALKAN FEMINISM (PART 7) — Feminist, activist and professor from Kotor, talks about the need to avoid clerical right-wing dreams becoming our common nightmare.