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Merxhan Daci is a young journalist based in Tirana. He studied Journalism and Communication and is interested in Balkan and international affairs, as well as cross-border journalism.

In-depth | Albania

National Theater relocation causes drama in Tirana

By - 27.02.2018

Cultural community and the state at odds over building demolition.

Lately | Albania

Flooding has forced thousands to leave their homes in Albania

By - 13.12.2017

Human activity a factor in the natural disaster.

In-depth | Animals

Taking care of Albania’s animals

By - 02.11.2017

Law changes demanded after animal cruelty.

In-depth | Albania

Trouble at sea

By - 28.08.2017

Summer deaths cause concerns over Albanian beach safety.

Lately | Albania

Mass firing of civil servants in Albania

By - 23.06.2017

Public officials removed for alleged contributions to electoral campaigns.