Konteksti Podcast | Employment

Education, Culture and the Labor Market vs. Women’s Choices

By - 28.06.2020

Are women really choosing their careers?

This time, at Konteksti, we talk about how many women in Kosovo really have choices when it comes to their careers. Specifically, how do education programs, social and cultural practices and institutional policies affect these “choices”; what role do these practices and policies play in the ability of women to choose and make decisions regarding their professional endeavors?

To talk about these different but interrelated aspects, three researchers from various non-governmental organizations in Kosovo who study, research and advocate for a more equal society, have been invited to speak with us: Gentian Gashi, a researcher at the GAP Institute, Valëza Zogjani, researcher at Democracy for Development (D4D), and Donjeta Morina, researcher at KIPRED.K



This podcast was produced as part of the project ‘’Innovation for resilient media and citizen engagement’’ with the financial support of the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Kosovo 2.0 in partnership with GAP Institute.  Its contents are the sole responsibility of Kosovo 2.0 and GAP Institute and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.