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Feel good Fridays: Potpourri

By - 08.05.2020

Bringing back the good times.

Before the lockdown, Fridays were a time to put the working week behind you, go out to a café or bar and hang out with friends or family. 

Maybe Fridays were the days that inaugurated a weekend of dancing, clubbing, going to the cinema or out to a gig. Or was it a time of just pure relaxation with hiking or sport, or simply reading a good book alone? 

Whatever made you feel good about Friday, we want to help bring some of those vibes back to you — even in these times — by rounding up some fun, feel good stories from around the world and what to look forward to coming straight into your own home.

This week we started the gentle easing of restrictions. Let’s enjoy that second 90 minutes of freedom responsibly.

But here we’ll get started with journalist Gjeraqina Tuhina handling a work at home situation like a boss. Let’s salute mothers who have been juggling work, kids and still keeping it all going. You’re doing everything right. No matter what you’re doing.

Doing good in the world

The Irish people repaid the Native Americans by raising over 2.7 million euros for the Navajo and Hopi tribes who have been inordinately hit by the COVID-19 virus. 

In 1847, during the Irish Famine, the Choctaw tribe raised 170 U.S. dollars (around 5,000 U.S. dollars today, or about 4,630 euros) to help Ireland; the famine in Ireland — at that time a British colony — is reliably estimated to have caused the deaths of around a million Irish people. 

The gesture was never forgotten, particularly because the Choctaw had only a few years before been forced off their lands in the southeastern United States and driven into the state of Oklahoma by the U.S. government. The forced removal of around 100,000 people was known as the “Trail of Tears” for the thousands of Choctaw and members of other tribes who died along the way. 

When COVID-19 raged through the Navajo and Hopi reservation, overwhelming their health system, the tribes set up a GoFundMe. Now, Ireland is giving back the historic show of kindness. The Irish would say, Ní neart go cur le chéile — there is no strength without unity.

Good news sports fans

The South Korean football league is back on May 8, with special COVID-19 precautions. The South Korean league is one of the top leagues in Asia. So will you start rooting for Daegu or Gwangju, or are you going to be one of those glory hunters sitting behind league champions Jeonbuk? We see you.

Meanwhile, the German Bundesliga says it will be back behind closed doors this month, resuming where it left off. The Spanish, Croatian and Turkish Leagues are set to return by June, again behind closed doors.

And some sports announcers have been keeping limber. Check out Scottish rugby and tennis announcer Andrew Cotter at home practicing on his very sweet dogs. We’re excitedly waiting for the re-match.

May the 4th be with you

It was “Star Wars” day this week. Every May 4 (get it?), fans of the movie franchise honor their beloved films (well, maybe not “Attack of the Clones,” and let’s not even get started on Jar Jar Binks). Being “Star Wars,” the fans came in all shapes, sizes and fur

Or if you’re at the University of East Anglia, you might have to dodge this. Apparently you get extra credits for light speed skipping there.

Nature continues its comeback 

While we’ve all been on lockdown, nature has been out and about reclaiming the space. The pink flamingos have returned from Africa and the southern Mediteranean to Narta Lagoon near Vlora in huge numbers.

In Divjaka National Park, a few kilometers to the north, the endangered Dalmatian Pelicans have returned. This is one of the few remaining wetland sites left in Europe where migrating birds can still return to breed, and the pelicans had virtually deserted it in recent years.

California has also seen the bioluminescence phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean, a phenomenon known as the “Red Tide.” Every few years, large concentrations of certain algae form in the ocean, creating a luminous glow when physically disturbed. This year it became far richer, possibly due to the lack of people. Here are some dolphins swimming through the glow.

A little fashion

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine did a stripped down version of her band’s hit song, “You’ve Got The Love” to raise money for the New York City Metropolitan Museum of the Art’s Costume Institute. 

Normally, the first Saturday in May features the famed Met Gala Ball that raises money for the institution and lets celebrity fashionistas turn it on for the rest of us.You can check out the Costume Institute and its latest exhibition as well as tour the entire museum online.

Cabin fever

Yes, we know, the lockdown itch is in full-effect and everyone wants to escape. And yes, this sacrifice now makes for a more sustainable recovery later.

But we’ve all had moments of feeling like this 5-year-old, who put three dollars in his pocket, stole the family car and headed out to California to buy a Lamborghini. Right there with you kid. 

(Editor’s note… We do not endorse vehicle theft or 5-year-olds driving).

What to look forward to

As well as news that the Kosovar film festivals will be back this summer — fingers crossed — the world’s largest film festivals have teamed up to put on a show later this month. The Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca and Sarajevo film festivals are just a few of the more than 20 major festivals around the world that will be streaming new films on YouTube from May 29 for 10 days.

The “We Are One: A Global Film Festival” aims to bring people together to watch new films, documentaries, music, comedy and conversations. It will be the first time the world’s largest festivals are coming together like this, and it’s happening in your own home.

Namaste, more Yoga classes online. Try a class for beginners from Dodona.

Or jump into some opera straight from the Wiener Staatsoper. The legendary Vienna Opera will be streaming performances for free for the duration of the lockdown. So get your glam on (or not, no one’s looking) and head off to a night at the same opera house where Mozart debuted his greatest works. Rock Me Amadeus (Ask your mother, if you don’t know).

Enjoy your Monday holiday!K

Feature image: Screenshot of RTK’s news program.

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