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Konteksti: Education for life — from abroad to Kosovo and vice versa

By - 31.10.2019

Our guests share their experiences after studying abroad and returning to school in Kosovo.

If you are someone who has studied in different countries throughout your life, you will surely identify with the guests in our latest episode of Konteksti. On this occasion, and as part of our monograph on education, we are looking at the personal school experiences of our guests Eurisa Rukovci, Marigonë Drevinja and Rreze Hoxha.

Marigonë came back to Kosovo soon after the war ended, after she attended kindergarten and the greater part of her primary school years in Switzerland. Eurisa started her first year of primary school in Kosovo, but she and her family moved to the United States, where she attended primary school in New Jersey, only to come back to Kosovo’s public system when she was 14.

With Rreze, who attended one year of university in Minnesota after completing all of her mandatory education in Kosovo, we spoke about how the system prepared her to do the opposite: studying abroad. How do Kosovar students adapt to the educational system after getting a taste of other systems?

In our latest episode of Konteksti, K2.0’s editor in chief, Besa Luci, talks with our guests about their struggles in adapting to learning in Kosovo or abroad after they have experienced education differently in another country, about their experience of integration in the classroom, about the potential cultural shock or enrichment that results from changing countries and cultures, while also attending an education that is meant to prepare you for life.

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