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Universities surplus

By - 17.01.2019

Public universities founded with no need, a shortage of academic staff and questionable quality.

Lately | Albania

Albanian students demand change

By - 14.12.2018

Thousands of young people are demanding changes to Albania’s education system.

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A university in shambles

By - 26.11.2018

K2.0 explores Kosovo’s biggest university at the start of the new academic year.

In-depth | The past, now | Education

We learn the past differently

By - 28.09.2018

History classes are still the teacher of Balkan identity.

In-depth | Education

Will Kosovo’s education system flunk its exams again?

By - 07.05.2018

Reforms delayed by ‘stagnation’ around implementation.

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Time to review the textbooks

By - 05.01.2018

School textbooks contain scientific inaccuracies and hate speech.

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Unequal access to education

By - 06.12.2017

Disabled children’s right to education is their most violated right.

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Who’s teaching our students?

By - 28.09.2017

Educational integrity discussed at K2.0 Small Talk.

Perspectives | Education

Being part of a state that does not treat you as such

By - 22.09.2017

Institutional marginalization of children with disabilities in the education sector.

Lately | Education

SMALL TALK: Who’s teaching our students? Education in focus.

By - 22.09.2017

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 17:30 at Kosovo’s National Library in Prishtina.

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