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The Kosovar law students excelling internationally

By - 04.09.2019

Despite conditions, UP students gain international reputation.

Perspectives | Education

Innovating education in Kosovo

By - 15.04.2019

Putting Kosovo’s talents to work at teaching.

Perspectives | Serbia

Our children are learning distorted stories of Serbia’s past

By - 10.04.2019

How Serbia has drawn a veil over one part of its history.

Perspectives | Education

Kosovar history education needs a change

By - 09.04.2019

Why we need a multiperspective methodology to override the primacy of the textbook.

In-depth | Environment

The risks of going to school

By - 27.02.2019

Little attention paid to hazardous learning environments.

In-depth | Education

Kosovo’s ghost schools

By - 21.02.2019

The poorly planned education facilities now virtually forgotten.

Lately | Mentorship | Education

The month of strikes

By - 05.02.2019

K2.0 discusses strikes in the education and healthcare sectors.

Perspectives | Education

Help education in Kosovo

By - 30.01.2019

Recent criticism of Kosovo Accreditation Agency is misguided and unfounded.

In-depth | Education

Universities surplus

By - 17.01.2019

Public universities founded with no need, a shortage of academic staff and questionable quality.

Lately | Albania

Albanian students demand change

By - 14.12.2018

Thousands of young people are demanding changes to Albania’s education system.

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