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The rector who wouldn’t give up on the future

By - 19.10.2020

Remembering Ejup Statovci — jurist, professor, visionary.

Lately | #iwanttotell


By - 29.03.2020

We follow the story of Urall from Mitrovica.

In-depth | '90s

How one couple kept education possible

By - 30.12.2019

A Buçinca couple came to the aid of girls in Kosovo villages who were forced to quit school in the 1990s.

Fellowship | Children

Ignored and unreported, bullying troubles Kosovo students

By - 10.12.2019

Lack of resources and awareness leave students and parents struggling.

One-on-one | Education

Arlind Qori: Today, education is one of the most important paths toward gender emancipation

By - 13.11.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 7) - Professor and activist speaks on the role of the university in public life, corruption and the energy of student protest.

One-on-one | Education

Antonija Petričušić: The apathy in Croatian academia reflects the broader social picture

By - 05.11.2019

Rethinking Academia (Part 6) — Zagreb professor talks gender equality, apathy, activism, and academic freedoms.

Perspectives | Education

Through the classroom and beyond

By - 31.10.2019

Welcome to K2.0's latest monograph — ‘Education for Life.’

In-depth | Education

Primary concerns mar educational reforms

By - 31.10.2019

Much more required to put children’s education on track.

In-depth | Education

School’s not all

By - 31.10.2019

Alternative learning beyond the traditional classroom.

In-depth | Education

How do we educate for life?

By - 31.10.2019

Learners and educators have their say.

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