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Konteksti podcast: And yet, the theater stands

By - 26.12.2020

A K2.0 podcast

Institutions have abandoned the theater but its artists have not. They continue keeping alive the small, few stages in Kosovo. There are times when these stages are flooded, lured by politics, and from time to time they shiver in the cold of stormy days. 

A theater that is political, but doesn’t belong to politics. One that has become resilient and resistant to water, of bad weather and even a pandemic, because for Kosovo theater, the struggles were not recently born.

They were inherited throughout the years. Struggling to survive is common, hence to actors, playwrights, directors, costume designers and others there are no unfamiliar challenges. 

And yet, the theater stands. It stands thanks to the solidarity among the artistic community, which despite being fragmented at times, knows how to unite and speak loudly. Challenges are common, but they are not acceptable nor accepted — they are not taken for granted but fought against.K

Author: Aulone Kadriu
Invited: Adrian Morina, actor, director and acting artistic director of The National Theatre of Kosovo
Jeton Neziraj, playwright, director of Qendra Multimedia
Sound mix: Studio 11
Production: Dibran Sejdiu
Feature Image: Atdhe Mulla


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