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Let’s Talk: Climate Fightback

By - 17.01.2020

For weeks, our news and social media feeds have been dominated by devastating images of Australia burning. Mass wildfires have seen dozens of people losing their lives, thousands their homes, and millions of animals are estimated to have perished — some species to the verge of extinction.

Experts say it is just the latest striking example of how a “climate emergency” is threatening the world as we know it — the official science shows that if we keep doing what we are doing, the earth will warm up to such an extent that permanent catastrophic consequences will occur.

Meanwhile, floods and droughts exacerbated by extreme weather events worldwide have forced millions from their homes, contributing to the mass forced migration of people that we have witnessed in recent years. 

The impacts of such environmental degradation aren’t just a far off problem. Here in Prishtina, we have a great view of Obiliq (when the thick smog allows it), and we feel the daily effects of it on our throats and lungs as we breathe in the coal fumes. 

It might all seem like doom and smoggy gloom, but in Kosovo — as elsewhere — the climate fightback has begun! 

What’s going on here to fight back against climate change? What more can we do in our everyday lives? How can the environment be prioritized when Kosovo has so many other issues to deal with? And do we really care enough to make a difference?

To get the open discussion started, we’ve invited along:

  1. Delvina Haxhijaha – Balkan Green Foundation
  2. Edonis Hashani – Termokiss
  3. Granit Gashi – GAIA Kosovo
  4. Learta Hollaj – Instituti për Politika Zhvillimore (INDEP)

Join us for our latest “Let’s Talk” discussion on January 21, from 17:30, at Hub 2.0.K

This event is implemented through the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy.