Let’s watch ‘Klithma’ & Talk to the Director

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  • The widespread crimes of sexual violence during the Kosovo war were only legally  acknowledged in 2014. According to international and local media reports, it is estimated that more than 20,000 people were subjected to this crime. However, the number of people who have applied to receive the status of a wartime victim of sexual violence is just over 1,000 since 2018, when the implementation of the law began. Stigmatization and prejudice have undoubtedly played a part in the survivors’ reluctance to report these atrocities and seek aid from the state.

    During the recent spate of Kosovar films addressing the war, few have addressed wartime rape. Korab Lecaj’s “Klithma” is a notable exception to this rule. This short family drama reflects on this theme through the story of Din, a man who struggles with the trauma of his rape during the war.

    We invite you to watch this film with us and have a discussion about this important issue with director Korab Lecaj after the screening on Tuesday, February 18, from 17:30 at Kosovo 2.0.

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