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LGBTI rights: Actions, not words and symbolisms

By - 21.06.2021

Join our upcoming Let’s Talk Edition on June 25.

Documentary film screening “SEX”: 17:10
Discussion: 18:00
DJ Performance: 20:00 – 22:00
Place: Kosovo 2.0

In the countries of the Western Balkans, the lives of LGBTI people are far from easy. This has almost always been the case across the region. They are forced to lead a “double life” due to the exclusion, violence and discrimination they face simply because of who they are. Evictions, beatings, verbal or online hate speech, refusals of service — these are just some of the countless challenges that LGBTI people face.

Nine years ago, in 2012, K2.0 was the target of similar attacks during the launch of the magazine’s Sex edition. During the event a group of around 20 men entered and demolished the place, attacking the organizers and hatefully shouting “get out of Kosovo!” Among other things, the Sex edition included an analysis of the conditions and laws regarding LGBTI people in Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.    

Now on June 25, 2021, during Pride Month, when politicians too will likely be joining the parade and sharing supportive posts on social media, we will discuss together with activists from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia whether there is any genuine political change beyond the symbolic words on significant dates. As similar scenes are repeated and hate speech still circulates in social media, we ask, has there been any change since 2012? Given that these countries often have progressive laws which fail to be implemented in practice, how sincere has the support for LGBTI people been in these countries?

Before the discussion we will screen the documentary film produced by K2.0, “Sex,” that documents the attack against K2.0 and depicts the experiences of people who were endangered by it. To kick off the discussion, we have invited:

–    Blert Morina – executive director of CEL organization (Kosovo)

    Luana – activist and founder of “Ylberofilia” movement (Albania)
    Antonio Mihajlov, senior advisor at Subversive Front (North Macedonia)
    Marko Mihailović, director of Pride Society (Serbia)

The discussion will be moderated by Aulonë Kadriu/ K2.0.

The film will be screened at 17:10, while the discussion will continue at 18:00, on June 25 2021, at Hub 2.0, Kosovo 2.0 premises, and will be livestreamed on K2.0 Facebook page.   

Due to capacity limitations, please contact us on our Facebook page or at if you want to attend.

After the discussion, there will be an afterparty at the K2.0 yard.

Translation into English and Serbian languages will be provided.K

This event is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.