Longing and searching | Missing persons

Longing and searching

By - 27.04.2023

Stories from the book “Hijacked Childhoods”.

On the National Day of Missing Persons, K2.0 will begin to publish a series of five stories, taken from the book “Hijacked Childhoods.” 

This book, published by ForumZFD in Kosovo and the Resource Center for Missing Persons, brings together the stories of 12 people of different ethnicities, whose loved ones and family members were killed or disappeared due to war.

Discussions about how to deal with the past often risk turning into mere political and technical debates. Through our work at K2.0 and with such collaborations, we try not only to change the direction of this discussion, but also to enrich it. We hope to bring people’s experiences and daily efforts to the forefront of these discussions, to first find inner peace and then justice. 

Our efforts have resulted in our monograph “A Beacon to People Missing,” published in 2020, along with our 2021 exhibition “The Grave is Better Than Knowing” in collaboration with the Fund for Humanitarian Law in Kosovo. With these two initiatives and our other content about dealing with the past, aside from challenging the idea of what “missing” means, we also challenge the obliviousness and silence, especially with regards to the responsibility of state institutions in the search for justice.

These five stories, which we will publish in the upcoming weeks, are the continuation of our journalistic effort to shed light on a topic that remains neglected.

These are stories of longing, meetings with loved ones, whether only in dreams, loss, lamenting and yearning for more — whether it be a hug, a conversation or a greeting.

K2.0 has shortened some of the stories. You can find the full stories in the book “Hijacked Childhoods”