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No state support, no sport

By - 16.03.2017

What has the Kosovo government ever done for sport?

Money. It’s something that often overwhelms sport. It alienates supporters from players. It tips the balance of probabilities inexorably in one direction. The rich teams always win. Money is always begrudged.

But at its core, sport needs money. Kosovar sport especially. Stadiums, sports halls, tracks, pitches and pools all need to be built and maintained. Players, ground staff, coaches, even stewards all need to be paid for their time. Equipment is expensive.

Without the lucrative opportunities available to some sports abroad, Kosovo has tended to rely on government to provide for these expenses. How has the state responded? In this video, we explore how public money has provided for sport over the last 15 years, and if that is set to change in Kosovo sport’s new age of post-recognition.

Animation/Effects/Editing: Jonny Wrate

Research: Dren Pozhegu

Script: Jack Robinson

Original images: Atdhe Mulla

Other images: Creative commons

Music: Liburn Jupolli

Recording Studio and Sound Mix: Studio 11 (Prishtina)

Produced by K2.0

Copyright K2.0K

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