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Perspectives | Dialogue

Two sides of the same coin in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

By - 08.10.2020

The journey to the ‘big finale’ is expected to be neither short, nor easy.

Perspectives | Politics

Even without a deal, Kosovo has viable alternatives and prospects

By - 03.09.2020

The upcoming Kosovo-Serbia meeting at the White House is not ‘the ultimate’ win or lose scenario for Kosovo.

In-depth | Economy

‘Prices have only increased’

By - 26.04.2020

The 100% tariff’s effect on prices in Kosovo.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Is inclusive development possible without collective therapy?

By - 11.04.2020

The collective trauma from the bitter past with Serbia will not leave us, even during the pandemic.

One-on-one | Politics

Adri Nurellari: If the Kosovo-Serbia conflict remains unresolved, we will have an incalculable opportunity cost

By - 02.12.2019

Social scientist discusses dialogue, populism, pluralism and frozen conflict.

In-depth | Elections 2019

Talking Kurti and dialogue with everyday Serbs

By - 24.10.2019

Daily struggles outweigh political concerns.

Perspectives | Politics

Berlin summit points to new Balkan Olympus

By - 07.05.2019

In the aftermath of Berlin, what now for the dialogue?

Perspectives | Dialogue

‘Carrots’ and ‘Sticks’ for a Deal with Serbia

By - 27.12.2018

The relationship between Kosovo Army, Specialist Chambers and the Prime Minister’s draft agreement with Serbia.

Perspectives | Dialogue

The PM’s draft agreement with Serbia reflects good intentions but may have dangerous consequences

By - 17.12.2018

An alternative to partition and territorial changes but still dangerous for Kosovo’s sovereignty.

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