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The invisible working class

By - 03.08.2020

Workers, long a key part of Kosovo, are starting to gain notice in art.

In-depth | HOPE

Changing by degrees

By , Ngadhnjim Avdyli - 30.07.2020

Fixing climate change won't be easy — but these Kosovars are starting somewhere.

In-depth | HOPE

An unprecedented goal

By - 23.07.2020

Ilija Ivić is more than a football player — he could be a national symbol.

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Music will save us

By - 21.07.2020

In Kosovo, musicians thrive in a resurgent community.

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Hava’s fight, our fight

By - 20.07.2020

The struggle for gender equality is full of little-known — and unknown — heroes.

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The dark side of hope

By - 16.07.2020

Unfulfilled promises from the EU have led to bitter disappointment.


HOPE — special print edition

By - 16.07.2020

How to buy your copy.

Perspectives | Editorial

Welcome to our special print edition on ‘HOPE’

By - 08.07.2020

As K2.0 turns 10 years old, there is reason for hope — and many more reasons for anger.