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Ngadhnjim Avdyli is a K2.0 staff journalist, covering mainly politics and governance, and social justice issues. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Prishtina.

In-depth | Environment

Changing by degrees

By , Ngadhnjim Avdyli - 30.07.2020

Fixing climate change won't be easy — but these Kosovars are starting somewhere.

Lately | COVID-19

The pandemic worsens conditions in Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian [...]

By - 20.07.2020

Institutional support for non-majority communities is inadequate.

Lately | COVID-19

Pandemic intensifies following eased measures

By - 30.06.2020

Government warns of “total isolation” while infections rise.

In-depth | COVID-19

Working from home

By - 22.05.2020

Four telework stories from offices improvised during the pandemic.

In-depth | COVID-19

Concerns about the emergency fiscal package

By - 29.04.2020

Two analysts dissect the government’s emergency measures.

In-depth | COVID-19

Closed cafés ominous for workers

By - 30.03.2020

More worries for waiters during the pandemic.

In-depth | Human Rights

Miner earthquakes in Bulqiza

By - 27.01.2020

Excavating the stone that brings death, injury and dismissal — but no wealth to miners.

Lately | Domestic Violence

Kosovo and human rights

By - 10.12.2019

On Human Rights Day, we examine the Kosovo Police.

Lately | Arts

Dictators agitated

By - 05.12.2019

North Korea exhibition at the National Gallery elicited strong reactions.

One-on-one | Children

Murat Sahin: How can we hear young people’s voices so they [...]

By - 20.11.2019

The head of Kosovo’s UNICEF office speaks on the three priorities for child development in Kosovo.

In-depth | Elections 2019

Voting with doubt and hope

By - 04.10.2019

Fighting corruption, education, health, and employment — priorities of some voters from Prizren and Ferizaj.

In-depth | Diaspora

Decades of departures

By - 16.09.2019

The Kosovars who sought a better life elsewhere.

Lately | Politics

Kosovo heading to early elections

By - 22.08.2019

Vote to be held within 45 days.


Shkëlzen Gashi: Very few people dared to meet Demaçi

By - 26.07.2019

One year after the death of the author and political activist.

In-depth | Culture

The writings on the wall

By , Ngadhnjim Avdyli - 02.06.2019

Aggression, freedom, rebellion — three decades of KS graffiti.

In-depth | Culture

Kosovar hip-hop evolution

By - 02.06.2019

From underground to mainstream across three decades.

In-depth | '90s

The Massacre of May 22 Street

By - 22.05.2019

Three families connected by Vushtrri tragedy.

In-depth | infrastructure

Stuck on the bus

By - 19.03.2019

Slow, winding journeys that don’t use the highways.

One-on-one | Culture

7me7: Our society gives the impression that we are an experiment

By - 26.01.2019

The rock band from Ferizaj reflects on their music as political and social commentary in post-war Kosovo.

In-depth | Education

Universities surplus

By - 17.01.2019

Public universities founded with no need, a shortage of academic staff and questionable quality.

In-depth | Elections

A year of protest

By - 31.12.2018

2018 in Kosovo was crowded with protests.

In-depth | Gender Equality

Supermarkets with super problems

By , Fortesa Doqi - 06.12.2018

Gender-based job calls, illegal obligations and other violations.

One-on-one | Diaspora

Xhevdet Bajraj: I dreamt of freedom in a different way to the [...]

By - 01.11.2018

Poet born in Rahovec gives his view of Kosovo from his new home in Mexico City.

In-depth | Media

Violations of journalists’ rights in abundance

By - 23.10.2018

Low wages, absence of contracts and unpaid internships in Kosovo media.

Lately | Protests

A bloody year for workers

By - 11.10.2018

People protest against construction worker deaths, demand measures be taken.

In-depth | Economy

Where are the 60,000 new jobs?

By - 13.09.2018

After a year in office, what impact has the current government had on the economy?

Lately | Missing persons

Marching for persons who disappeared during wartime

By - 30.08.2018

Participants reject any Kosovo-Serbia deal that excludes missing persons.

Lately | Justice

Protesters demand extensive reforms in justice and politics

By - 23.08.2018

Resignation of special prosecutor reignites citizen protest movement.

In-depth | Albania

Adem Reka, Ardit Gjoklaj and the machines that took their lives

By - 13.08.2018

Have workers’ rights in Albania improved since the days of Hoxha?

In-depth | Workers' rights

A service that’s never paid back

By - 25.07.2018

Kosovo’s waiters suffer no contracts, payment delays, unpaid overtime and poor treatment.

Lately | Diaspora

What’s up with the diaspora?

By - 20.07.2018

Kosovo 2.0 discusses the important role of the diaspora.

In-depth | Health

Patients paying price of public system’s poor health

By - 05.06.2018

Widespread deficiencies adding to suffering of those with serious illnesses.

One-on-one | Health

Ilir Begolli: Patients’ health is not in focus

By - 05.06.2018

Doctor with 40 years experience at the National Institute for Public Health Care discusses Kosovo’s health system.

In-depth | Education

Will Kosovo’s education system flunk its exams again?

By - 07.05.2018

Reforms delayed by ‘stagnation’ around implementation.

In-depth | Workers' rights

Workers question Ferronikeli ‘success story’

By - 01.05.2018

Death, injuries and mass dismissals since 2006 privatization.

One-on-one | Politics

Fatos Lubonja: “We are unable to build the big house together, [...]

By - 12.04.2018

Publisher from Albania speaks about the role of intellectuals in society, the flaws of Albanian democracy and the necessity of thinking differently.

In-depth | Independence

Waiting at work for Independence Day

By - 16.02.2018

Four different views of February 17, 2008.

One-on-one | Arts

Sislej Xhafa: Independence is an empty glass with no water

By - 16.02.2018

Contemporary artist discusses identity, victimization and an underwhelming independence.

In-depth | Media

Arrogance in place of transparency

By - 13.02.2018

Effective communication still lacking from Haradinaj’s government.

In-depth | Education

Time to review the textbooks

By - 05.01.2018

School textbooks contain scientific inaccuracies and hate speech.

In-depth | Culture

Cinema auctioned off

By - 18.12.2017

The city cinemas being wiped away by privatization.

In-depth | Human Rights

Fighting for human rights

By , - 10.12.2017

K2.0 talks with six activists battling for change.

Lately | Education

Unequal access to education

By - 06.12.2017

Disabled children’s right to education is their most violated right.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Mimoza Kusari-Lila vs Ardian Gjini

By - 17.11.2017

First woman mayor in Kosovo competes against AAK in Gjakova for third time.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Lutfi Haziri vs. Sami Kurteshi

By - 16.11.2017

A former deputy prime minister against a former ombudsperson in the race for Gjilan.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Muharrem Svarqa vs. Agim Aliu

By - 16.11.2017

Old rivals competing again in the race for Ferizaj.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Shaqir Totaj vs. Mytaher Haskuka

By - 15.11.2017

Old governance and new in the race for historical Prizren.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017

Shpend Ahmeti vs. Arban Abrashi

By - 14.11.2017

Candidates from Vetevendosje and LDK stake claims for capital.

Monographs | Activism

Doing it yourself

By - 17.10.2017

How Liga Total brought football to cities without municipalities.

In-depth | Activism

Fighting back on Facebook

By - 17.10.2017

Social media helping activists put pressure on the municipalities.

One-on-one | Democracy

Shqiprim Lubishtani: Election observation is activism for qualitative [...]

By - 17.10.2017

Long-term observer discusses his engagement in the democratic process and the challenges and improvements over the years.

Monographs | LGBTI

Goran Miletic: Most Western Balkan politicians do not see diversity [...]

By , - 10.10.2017

Veteran human rights activist discusses slow progress in regional LGBTI rights, defying borders and adapting activism to the internet age.

Lately | Human Rights

Over 70 new cases of sexual harassment

By - 07.09.2017

Prishtina the city with the highest number of reports according to “EcShlire” app.

In-depth | Human Rights

The forgotten Porajmos

By - 22.08.2017

Remembering the Romani Holocaust.

In-depth | Culture

Why should we protect our cultural heritage?

By - 14.08.2017

Memory, identity and economic development as key pillars.

One-on-one | Politics

Shkelzen Gashi: If VV comes to power, maybe only Kurti will [...]

By - 04.07.2017

One of Vetevendosje’s co-founders, alongside Albin Kurti, speaks about its growth during elections, its past mistakes and their being ill prepared to govern.

Lately | Elections2017

Official election results announced

By - 29.06.2017

PAN 39 deputies, Vetevendosje 32, LAA 29.

Lately | Privacy rights

A digital war against extremism?

By - 22.06.2017

Experts gather in Prishtina to discuss using the internet against terrorists.

In-depth | Elections2017

The collapse of political strongholds

By - 19.06.2017

Changes in voting trends in Ferizaj, Kacanik and Fushe Kosove.

In-depth | Copyright

For the author or for everyone?

By - 22.05.2017

Claims over the rights to intellectual property divide activists and the state.

Lately | K2.0

Architectural heritage focus of latest Small Talk

By - 13.05.2017

‘Destroy the old; build the new?’

Lately | K2.0

Role of whistleblowers discussed

By - 09.05.2017

K2.0’s latest discussion focused on those who expose wrongdoing.

One-on-one | #IWantToKnow

Jusuf Azemi: Kosovo’s economy is based on the backs of oppressed [...]

By - 01.05.2017

Head of Independent Trade Union of the Private Sector says that workers rights have seen no improvement in Kosovo since the 1900s.

One-on-one | Culture

Taste2: My music is a form of protest against the evils in [...]

By - 29.03.2017

Rapper says he contributes to Kosovar society through music that is against those who are “lying to the people.”