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RESILIENCE: For Media Free of Hate and Disinformation

By - 26.09.2020

MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN KOSOVO: Hate and propaganda influences

Perspectives | Editorial

Welcome to our special print edition on ‘HOPE’

By - 08.07.2020

As K2.0 turns 10 years old, there is reason for hope — and many more reasons for anger.

Perspectives | Media

Why I don’t watch political debate shows anymore

By - 29.05.2020

Political debates do not inform, they distort public opinion.

In-depth | Media

Women rewriting the rules in journalism

By - 22.04.2020

The investigative journalists defying structural gender barriers.

Lately | Media

We’re Hiring: Translator (English-Albanian)

By - 21.04.2020

Apply now to join our growing team.

In-depth | Media

“Anti-defamation” laws swim against democracy

By - 09.04.2020

The Albanian prime minister’s proposed laws continue their journey.

Blogbox | Fiction

The Arbiter (Part 5)

By - 28.03.2020

Everyone loves the colonel.

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