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Friends from strange places

By , Vesa Bashota - 12.09.2020

How an Albanian-Kosovar and a Serb created an unlikely friendship.

Perspectives | Politics

Vučić’s Milošević reference is not a mere side-note — it’s the whole problem

By - 11.09.2018

Progress requires more than chauvinism camouflaged in softened rhetoric.

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The Missing Monuments

By - 27.07.2018

Efforts persist to commemorate killed civilians in Serbia, Croatia and BiH.

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Shkëlzen Maliqi denied entry into Serbia

By - 19.06.2018

He was travelling to participate in a discussion on cultural cooperation.

One-on-one | Politics

Cedomir Jovanovic: If we only take care of Kosovo Serbs, we will only sacrifice them

By - 16.11.2017

Serbian opposition deputy talks of supporting Kosovo’s independence, liberal politics, and Russian meddling.

Perspectives | Politics

“New phase” of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue raises more questions than answers

By - 12.10.2017

Uncertain future awaits while calls for unity fall on deaf ears.

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Regional project promotes reconciliation through writing

By - 03.03.2017

Short stories by authors from former-Yugoslavia aim to reconcile the bad blood between nations.

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Reconciliation is not cool

By - 03.03.2017

The reconciliation process began too early in Kosovo, now it is derided as a joke.

Perspectives | Reconciliation

The president must be careful when establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

By - 28.02.2017

Hashim Thaci’s second attempt at discovering the truth about the past must be better than his first.

Perspectives | Politics

Brussels based talks are a ‘Dialogue of the Deaf’

By - 23.02.2017

The EU-mediated negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia have become obstructed. How can they progress in 2017?

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