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One-on-one | Politics

Roland Gjoni: Kosovo is simultaneously ‘too big’ and ‘too small’ of an international issue

By - 19.09.2019

Legal and political scientist talks geopolitics, Albanian nationalism and domestic tensions in Albania.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Kosovo’s genocide resolution resolves nothing

By - 24.05.2019

How is an entire nation going deaf over too much noise for nothing?

Perspectives | Serbia

Our children are learning distorted stories of Serbia’s past

By - 10.04.2019

How Serbia has drawn a veil over one part of its history.

Blogbox | BiH

Growing up in a world created by Radovan Karadžić

By - 20.03.2019

Final verdict gives us the chance to seize the moment.

Perspectives | BiH

Experimenting with peace

By - 08.12.2018

How political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina are manipulating the peace agreement.

Perspectives | Transitional Justice

Being tried without being present

By - 22.11.2018

Could changes to the Criminal Procedure Code allowing trials in absentia aid transitional justice?

Lately | Small Talk

Have the crimes of the past been addressed?

By - 10.10.2018

K2.0 discusses transitional justice in Kosovo and across the region.

Lately | Transitional Justice

Talking the past, today

By - 01.10.2018

Join our Monograph Talk on Monday, October 8, 2018 at Documentation Centre Kosovo.

Perspectives | The past, now | Transitional Justice

The past must be confronted, continuously

By - 28.09.2018

K2.0’s latest monograph dives into the past, for the present and future.

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