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The importance of truth and memorialization of missing persons

By - 29.08.2020

Thousands of victims of the Kosovo war were not only deprived of their right to life, but also of their right to a decent human burial. To this day, 20 years later, there are still 1,646 people missing.

To mark the International Day of the Disappeared, Kosovo 2.0 & Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo invite you to our discussion “The importance of truth and memorialization of missing persons” on Monday, August 31, 2020 from 17:30, streamed live on the Kosovo 2.0 and Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo Facebook pages. 

The debate will focus on acts of remembrance and memorialization that have followed exhumations of mass graves connected to the Kosovo war, examining the importance of truth and memorialization, how they function as a vehicle for healing, the role that journalism plays in memorialization and keeping the discourse alive, as well as the cultural process of erasing history, and the consequences that denial and hesitance bring. 

To get the discussion we have invited key actors of the field: head of unit of the Government Commission on Missing Persons, Kushtrim Gara; director of the Agency for the Management of Memorial Complexes, Bislim Zogaj; long-standing activist in the field and relative of missing persons, Lush Krasniqi; human rights activist, Edis Galushi; and journalist, Budimir Ničić. The discussion will be moderated by K2.0 contributing editor and journalist, Dafina Halili.

We invite you to join our discussion on this important issue on August 31 from 17:30 on the Facebook pages of Kosovo 2.0 and Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo.

Translation will be provided in English, Albanian and Serbian.

Feature image: Arrita Katona / K2.0.